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Responsible Gambling

Gambling responsibility avoids players from losing money they didn't own before they began to play. Many gamblers can lose control when it comes to stop playing casino games. They chase losses till they can’t stop themselves anymore ending up in a deep hole of money problems. Here at, we support and promote responsible gambling. All the information players need to stay safe and in control is provided by us.

Our goal is to make online gambling more engaging and responsibly entertaining. In this part, you will find out how to set financial boundaries for your gambling activities, get familiar with signs of possible addiction and recognize the places in Australia where you can get help if you are in need of it. Let's create a gaming atmosphere which puts fun first without damaging our pockets.

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling (RG) is a concept that the gambling industry is always trying to get right, along with the governments that regulate it and all of its players. All of these parties work together in order to ensure ways that the activity can be fair without cheats and also ways to promote how dangerous it can really be, such as its risk for addiction and encouraging underage gambling.

How to Gamble Responsibly

A few beginner tips: think straight and stay cool. If you decided to take part iin gambling, you shoud be able to do it safely.

  • Play for the Thrill, Not the Money: Gambling is more of a thrill than a way to make money. Odds are if you keep it up, the house will end up raking in all your chips.

  • Enjoying the game: Treat gambling as a form of entertainment, similar to going to a concert or enjoying a night out. Winning should be seen as a delightful bonus to the experience.

  • Budget for Fun: Plan your gambling budget wisely. Allocate a specific amount based on your disposable income, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your essential expenses. Set a fixed time for gambling and stick to it.

  • Mastering the Game:Have a solid grasp on the rules and strategies of casino games. This is especially important for games like blackjack and video poker that require skill. Making a poor move can cost you big. You should also understand what’s needed to redeem any bonuses.

  • Mind Over Matter: Just as you shouldn't drink and drive, avoid consuming alcohol excessively while gambling. Stay sober to be aware of your spending and decisions.

  • Gambling is not a cure-all for personal problems:You shouldn’t be gambling to fix personal problems such as anger, depression, or loneliness. It won’t help you with these issues and can make them worse. Tackle your challenges head-on and seek help & support where necessary.

Age Requirement

As a responsible human being, it is your responsibility to not attempt to gamble if you are under the age of majority. In online gambling, there could be two types of ages to pass. One is the online casino’s specified age. This is usually 18 years. The other is the age specified by country law which sets the minimum gambling age at 21 years old in some countries.

If there are minors in your household then you have a duty to make sure they cannot access gambling sites with your account or information. Logging out of sessions, keeping passwords secret and installing certain apps can help with that such as Net Nanny.

Signs that you may have a gambling addiction

Gambling is a fun pastime, but it can quickly escalate into a problem. Many people don’t even realize when they have a gambling addiction. So people close to them should be on the lookout for these signs.

In Australia, men are more likely than women to have a gambling problem. And people aged 18-34 are also at higher risk.

Addicts will often show many of the following signs. If you suspect someone has developed an addiction then it’s time to seek professional help. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Gambling to win back money that’s been lost
  • Cannot control spending or stop betting
  • Emotional highs when winning
  • Unpaid bills and increased debt
  • Lying about gambling
  • Withdrawal symptoms when unable to gamble
  • Neglecting family and friends
  • Performs poorly at work and loses work time
  • Gambling as an escape from other problems in life
  • Stealing from friends and family members in order to support their habit

Treatment of Problem Gambling

It is now certain that problem gambling is a medical disorder and not a result of social upbringing. An estimate made by GambleAware showed that 2.7% of adults in Great Britain suffer from the disorder. But don’t worry, there’s no reason to feel ashamed when seeking treatment.

If you have already started gambling, you should regularly take a self-assessment test to see if you have developed an addiction. If the test says so, immediately ban yourself from all online gambling sites, tell your spouse or close family member about it, and then contact a professional organisation.

Multiple levels of treatment are available, so the professional will be able to identify which one you should pursue. Some treatments completely hide your identity and are highly recommended if you have any doubts about going public with your problem.

Individual Counseling:

  • Over the internet or by phone.

Group counseling :

  • Over the internet

Face-To-Face :

  • Standard in-person counseling
  • Rehab, for the extreme cases

At the end of this chapter, we will provide you with some problem gambling treatment organizations in Australia that are well known for their work.