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QuickSpin: Slots Reviews, Free Slots and Demo Play

The formation of QuickSpin, a game development studio in Sweden, took place in 2011 in Stockholm. It was founded by Daniel Lindberg, Joachim Timmermans, and Mats Westerlund to bring about innovative and high-quality slot machines. QuickSpin soon became a force to reckon with in the casino gaming industry due to its emphasis on quality and innovation.


In 2016, Playtech, an online gaming software giant, acquired QuickSpin, which allowed it to have a wider scope and expand its fan base globally.

With reference to online slots, QuickSpin has emerged as one of the leading players in the online gambling industry. The company has followed a game development strategy that focuses on creating exclusive games that are recognized by gamblers. Their games are known for being among the most innovative ones with great graphics and best sound quality, making them favorites at various casinos all over the world.

Its partnership with Playtech enabled Quickspin to embrace new directions, such as live dealer gaming, thus further diversifying its product portfolio and consolidating its position within this highly competitive sector. Many awards won during different industry events show how much this company has developed and influences the fast-changing face of online betting.

QuickSpin Gaming Software

One thing I like about QuickSpin’s gaming software is that it is all about slots. The standard fruit machines are not capable of having plots like those from Quickspin games do. The company has put a lot of effort into making its games look good, hence their visually stunning design, impressive sound effects and new style of play.

What makes QuickSpin games different from others

What makes Quickspin unique is its art design, which sets them apart from any other game. They specialize in building more than just a slot machine – an immersive experience with deep storyline, thought-provoking themes or engaging content that goes beyond mere gambling. All these artistic touches extend to the visuals and sounds found on their games as they are truly mesmerizing to see and hear.

Similarly, there are numerous QuickSpin slots that have high Return to Player (RTP), many of which pay out at over 96%, such as “Crown of Valor” paying 96.16% RTP on average. For this reason among others a lot of people use it instead of other games.

Can you play these games on any type of device

Because the design of QuickSpin software takes into consideration current trends in gaming technology to ensure compatibility across multiple platforms. From the resources provided here one cannot obtain information about what platforms these games run on but since this is common practice in today’s gaming industry a person may assume that such platforms might be either desktops or mobile devices when it comes to QuickSpin gambling past now adays. In today’s world of online gambling, players want to enjoy playing casino games using various devices without experiencing any difficulties.

QuckSpin’s video-slots approach combined unique gameplay elements within online casinos by incorporating stylistic features in their products. They’ve got beautiful graphics; they have thoughtful themes, and a higher RTP that has made them attract a multitude of players around the world. Specific details about what devices the games are compatible with were not found, but it is reasonable to assume that they can be played on desktops and mobile phones.

QuickSpin's Game Portfolio

Comprehensive List and Categories of Games

QuickSpin offers a variety of themed slot games, each unique in its own way. As of 2023, QuickSpin aims to regularly add new slots to its collection, enhancing its offerings with fresh content. Detailed information about these games can be found on their website.

Adventure and Fantasy

Animal-Themed Games

Innovative and Thematic Slots

Analysis of Game Variety and Innovation in Design

QuickSpin's portfolio is characterized by innovative game designs with captivating themes and music. Each game is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in high-quality video slots and a unique gaming experience. QuickSpin’s innovations in game mechanics and features have been recognized with several awards, including the EGR Operator Awards and Mobile Innovation at EGR B2B Awards 2017.

The portfolio reflects not only a deep understanding of player preferences but also QuickSpin's ability to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving trends in the online gaming industry.

Popular QuickSpin Slot Games

QuickSpin is renowned for its innovative and engaging slot games. This section delves into some of the most popular QuickSpin slot games, highlighting their themes, gameplay, unique features, and how they've been received by players.

Sakura Fortune

  • Overview: Sakura Fortune is highly praised for its captivating gameplay and significant rewards, with the highest payout reaching up to 1,023 times the player's stake.
  • Themes and Features: The game features an Oriental theme with stunning visuals and soundtracks, taking players on an immersive journey.

Big Bad Wolf

  • Relevance and Popularity: Released in 2013, Big Bad Wolf has maintained its significance in the gaming world for over a decade with a high RTP and medium-high variance.
  • Gameplay: It revolves around a classic fairy tale theme, offering an exciting narrative and creative mechanics.

These games stand out for their beautiful designs, diverse themes, and innovative mechanics, reflecting QuickSpin's commitment to creating top-tier slots. Each game targets a specific audience, ranging from newbies to seasoned gamblers, offering a diverse gambling experience. QuickSpin's games are highly acclaimed by online gamers, marking a significant acknowledgment of their quality and appeal.

New Releases from QuickSpin

Latest Games Released and Upcoming Titles from QuickSpin

Besides its innovative and captivating slot games, QuickSpin has also introduced several new ones this year to keep players engaged. These games indicate the company’s commitment to originality and technological progress in online gaming.

Launched in 2023, Cash Truckk slot gained instant popularity with a maximum win of up to 16,863x and payouts exceeding 25,000x in the first week of release.

Including “Aztcons Chaos Clusters”, “Flip Royale”, “Sticky Bandits: Trail of Blood”, “Beastwood”, “Raven Rising slots among others shows how diverse its portfolio is.

Collaborating with Playtech resulted in the launch of QuickSpin’s first live casino game called ‘Big Bad Wolf Live’ July 2023, thus expanding their offerings significantly.

Launched in July 2023 Feasting Fox is a fictional-like game with impressive art that offers great fun based on a snug hen house.

Preview: New Features And Game Mechanics

The recent gaming products from QuickSpin do not only bring fresh themes and stories but also come along with innovative gameplay mechanics and features that reflect their ongoing pursuit for excellence in game design.

  • Free Spins Bonus: Triggered by Wilds landing on the reels offering additional free spins plus Pick and Click options.
  • Pick and Click Mechanism: Provides various awards like additional free spins, expanding symbols, and multipliers.
  • Expanding Symbols and Multipliers: Expanding symbols cover the entire reel during the Free Spins Bonus and have their own pay evaluation. Multipliers increase the value of wins during free spins.

QuickSpin continues to introduce new themes and game mechanics to maintain its status as a leading online slot provider. These new releases are characterized by unique themes, engaging gameplay, and innovative features that will further consolidate QuickSpin's reputation as a top player in the online gaming industry.

Best Games by QuickSpin

In this section, we look into QuickSpin’s top games with a focus on their unique features, designs and the reasons why they are among leaders in online slot gaming.

Sakura Fortune

The best QuickSpin game overall is Sakura Fortune. Before it was launched, the game had an enormous following by casino lovers owing to its reputation. It is one of those slot games that keeps players coming back for more.

Treasure Island

Players looking for big wins often choose Treasure Island because it has high payout rates. A great theme and strong mechanics make this a standout title in QuickSpin’s list.

The Wild Chase

This game has received accolades for its interesting theme and special respin feature. For slot enthusiasts who love fast-paced thematic slot games, The Wild Chase offers an energetic and thrilling gambling experience.

Big Bad Wolf & Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel

Among QuickSpin's games, Big Bad Wolf stands out with one of the highest RTPs (Return to Player). Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel maintains this reputation by offering new and engaging features.


Supernova is a great choice for people with lower betting limits who want to enjoy playing without high stakes involved. It attracts many players due to its simplicity and appealing design.

Leprechaun Hills

Leprechaun Hills is famous as one of the top reel plays from QuickSpin catalogs. Leprechaun Hills is a fusion between classic slot mechanics with a modern thematic approach, hence provides enjoyable experience for fans traditional slot’s fans.

Sticky Bandits & Sticky Bandits: Trail of Blood

Both versions in the Sticky Bandits series have been known to offer exciting features and free spin bonuses. They are known for taking players on a thrilling Western adventure that stands out in the QuickSpin range.

Pirates Charm

Another top-tier game from QuickSpin, Pirates Charm, is rated highly with an RTP rating of over 96%. This game is very attractive and provides an excellent return for invested funds.

Cash Truck

The slot has been in the news because of its high win potential which reaches up to 16,863x stake. Cash Truck has already become one of the most generous games since its release one week ago.

Other Notable Releases

Apart from these titles, QuickSpin has also expanded its portfolio with other exciting games such as Aztcons Chaos Clusters, Flip Royale, Beastwood and Raven Rising which are evidence of the company’s quest for diversity and innovation in game development.

Highest RTP QuickSpin Slots

Highest RTP QuickSpin Slots

The themes and features of QuickSpin slots are one of the reasons why they stand out. RTP is a significant factor for players to consider when selecting their game because it denotes how much money the slot is likely to return in theory. Higher RTP could be considered better for long-term payout. Below, I have analyzed the top performing QuickSpin slots in terms of RTP:

Big Bad Wolf & Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special (RTP: 97.34%)

Both iterations are tied for first place with an impressive 97.34% RTP. These games came out in 2016 and 2020 respectively and they are known for having high payouts and a great playing experience for players who enjoy them. The Christmas Special is just a reskin of the original game that takes on a festive theme but retains the same mechanics and features, including RTP.

Sinbad (RTP: 97.08%)

Released in 2013, Sinbad’s RTP stands at 97.08%. This video slot appeals to many people because it has an interesting Middle Eastern theme and storyline coupled with a high payout rate.

Treasure Island (RTP: 97.07%)

With an RTP value of 97.07%, this slot was created in 2015. A pirate-themed game that promises a high possible winnings proportion to other games alongside providing an immersive gameplay experience.

Mighty Arthur (RTP: 96.94%)

This release from 2017 has an RTP rate of about 96.94%. Modern day graphics with potential huge wins define this game.

Gold Lab (RTP: 96.90%)

Gold Lab was launched in the year 2016 with slightly lower percentage return as compared to other QuickSpin slots which stands at approximately; this is however still one among those higher ones. It has fun colourful scientific lab theme.

Genies Touch (RTP: 96.90%)

Genies Touch is among the others with an RTP of 96.90% and it also came out in 2015. Players are taken on a mystical journey through this game, whose theme is genies.

Polar Paws (RTP: 96.84%)

Polar Paws, which was released in 2019, is one of the most recent games to have a festive theme and an RTP rate of 96.84%, making it very popular during winter holidays.

Goldilocks (RTP: 96.84%)

Goldilocks was launched in the year 2017, and has an RTP of around 96.84%. This slot takes inspiration from a famous children’s story with engaging features and gameplay.

Royal Frog (RTP: 96.77%)

With an RTP of 96.77%, Royal Frog stands as one of the highest QuickSpin slots at number nine yet it was made available in the year 2014. There is also a classic tale about frog prince that inspired it.

Analysis of RTP and Its Impact on Gameplay

The Return to Player rate helps players to understand what they can expect over time when playing slots; therefore, it is a vital aspect to consider while choosing them. However, keep in mind that this figure does not guarantee any certain rewards for each session since this ratio denotes only theoretical data. Higher RTP slots tend to be more attractive because they imply higher returns in the long run as compared to other such games listed above.

Among those factors may be volatility, bonus features, as well as personal preferences concerning themes or playing styles in general while selecting gaming machines for them. It is worth mentioning that QuickSpin has numerous alternatives for different tastes with most of its popular products having high RTPs.

Ultimately, these high RTP QuickSpin slots combine different themes that are enticing to users, innovative gameplay, and good rates that make them popular to many online gamers.

Low Volatility QuickSpin Slots

Notable Low Volatility Slots by QuickSpin

  • Sakura Fortune (RTP: 96.58%): Known for its engaging gameplay since its launch, offering a highest possible reward of up to 1,023 times your stake.
  • Big Bad Wolf (RTP: 96.05%): Released in 2013, remains popular due to its high RTP and medium-high variance, providing high payouts.
  • Phoenix Sun (RTP: 96.10%): An Egyptian-themed slot introducing 243 paylines and offering over 5,000 ways to win.
  • Treasure Island (RTP: 97.05%): Stands out with its above-average RTP, allowing players to collect bonus symbols to multiply their winnings.
  • Supernova (RTP: 97.05%): Attracts players with its outer space theme and impressive RTP.
  • Sticky Bandits (RTP: 96.58%): A highly volatile game promising huge payouts with a Wild West theme.
  • The Wild Chase (RTP: 96.72%): A simple yet entertaining game with multipliers, ideal for beginners.

This makes them a favored choice for many online slot enthusiasts, because QuickSpin’s low volatility slots offer longer playtime and consistent wins.

High Volatility QuickSpin Slots

Overview of High Volatility Slots by QuickSpin: QuickSpin has gained a lot of attention from the online gaming industry as a result of its range of high volatility slot games. These games are popular for their huge possible win amounts, making them a favourite for gamers who like to play high risk games with high chances of winning. This variety guarantees that every kind of player from those who prefer fancy features to others who only like plain slotting is involved.

Notable High Volatility Slots by QuickSpin

  • Cash Truck: The recent addition in the portfolio of QuickSpin is a highly volatile slot promising an immersive gameplay experience. It is laid out on five reels with expanding reels and starting from 20 pay lines. However, the game differs significantly from others since its winning combination may help it expand on the playing grid for massive ways to win. Although Cash Truck has an average Return to Player (RTP), it offers dynamic and potentially lucrative gaming experiences.
  • Nero's Fortune: It is a 5x5 slot game with high volatility that also boasts tumble mechanics for cluster wins. It features accumulating multipliers along with Free Spins bonus which can lead up to 8,575 bet multipliers. On the other hand, Nero's Fortune reveals how QuickSpin combines high-stakes play with engaging, innovative spin mechanics.
  • Cabin Crashers: This is highly engaging 3x5 slot having 20 lines known for its high volatility characteristics. Some of the features included are Multiplier Wilds and Free Spins Bonus where players are allowed to choose their own level of game’s riskiness. There is also Buy Feature enabling instant access to free spins bonus thus making it perfect for players seeking high stakes and customizable gambling experiences.
  • Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood: Sticky Bandits Trail Of Blood offer more than just slots becoming examples where players can get both highly volatile actions and great features. The highest possible win in this slot machine is 17,000 times the bet and it’s one of the highly volatile games. It has a generous free spins round which can lead to big wins. This game is another example where QuickSpin creates slots that offer high volatility with attractive features which are attractive for players who seek for big win potential.

Strategies and Tips for Playing High Volatility Slots

One should always remember that when playing high volatility slots designed by QuickSpin they are high-risk games that deliver good rewards. Therefore, while there is more potential for huge payouts, wins may come less frequently than compared to low or medium volatility slots. To play these games successfully players should manage their bankroll carefully, have patience, understand the game mechanics, and take advantage of bonuses and free spins.

QuickSpin high-volatility slots provide exciting gaming experiences with huge awards. Understanding the nature of these games and playing strategically can make them more fun and give a higher chance of winning.

Progressive Jackpots Slots by QuickSpin

QuickSpin, considered a titan in the world of online slots, recently unveiled its first-ever progressive jackpot slot called "Dragon Chase." The game features four progressive jackpots of different sizes; mini, minor, major, and grand. It is a dragon-themed slot game, a first of its kind from QuickSpin, offering a new take on an old idea. In the Dragon Pearl Respin bonus feature, players trigger the progressive jackpot bonus round by landing three Jackpot Scatters. The progressive jackpot prize depends on the number of Dragon Pearls collected during this feature.

Experience in Playing and Key Features

Apart from the progressive jackpots in “Dragon Chase,” the game also offers free spins and a Wildfire Bonus generating stacked wilds. These features enhance the gaming experience beyond just chasing the jackpot. QuickSpin’s entry into this market segment highlights its intention to compete with industry giants like Playtech. This move demonstrates how QuickSpin’s games have evolved over time, maintaining diversity and innovation.

The QuickSpin Style of Slot Gaming

Although QuickSpin was late to the progressive jackpot slots scene, it has earned a reputation for innovative features and high-quality designs. Among its 70 titles are some of the highest RTP rates in online gaming, exciting gameplay, and stunning visuals. High-quality games like “Big Bad Wolf,” “Treasure Island,” and Supernova showcase QuickSpin’s ability to provide unique themes for slots with lucrative bonus rounds. Most of QuickSpin’s games feature re-spins, free spins, multipliers, and amazing animations, making them engaging to play.

The introduction of “Dragon Chase” into progressive jackpot games signifies a significant shift for QuickSpin, opening new horizons. Combined with its already highly-rated games, this positions the Swedish developer as more innovative and diverse. For those seeking to combine traditional slot experiences with progressive jackpots, QuickSpin’s offerings are an ideal choice.

QuickSpin in Online Casinos

The online gambling market for real money has a significant player from Sweden called QuickSpin. It is famous because it creates slots that are high-quality and innovative. The key aspect of their work is integrating into online casino platforms which is done through partnerships with game developers and aggregators of casino games like SoftGamings. As a result, casinos can use products developed by QuickSpin, this will certainly boost their performance as well as help in widening player’s experience.

QuickSpin however makes the process of integrating its games to online casinos an easy one through API integration. This way, the platform enables various online casinos to easily access the entire collection of games produced by QuickSpin including all new releases that are automatically added immediately after being launched officially. This is meant to enable the integration of all attributes of the game so that players can have free rounds and others bonuses thus making gaming rich.

Moreover, another remarkable part about QuickSpin’s involvement in the online casino industry is their dedication to internet security and regulatory compliance. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification awarded to QuickSpin confirms that they maintain high information security management standards. This certification has recently become a must-have regulation in some markets allowing QuickSpin to enter previously inaccessible markets thus strengthening its position as a reliable software supplier with good reputation.

Among other licenses held by QuickSpin include Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission among others. With these licenses obtained from different jurisdictions, it shows how safe it is and fair when you use software made by Quickspin for your online casinos.

QuickSpins’s portfolio now includes live casino games in addition to traditional slots thereby increasing its market share within the online gaming sector. Their new product vertical – QuickSpin Live plans to release at least one new live game per quarter to enhance diversity among its offerings.

Through the integration of its games into various online casino platforms, not only does Quickspin gets its products widely distributed but also contributes towards regulation and security in online gaming. This information can be found in CasinoBeats, SoftGamings, GamblersPost and Quickspin’s official website if you want more details on the integration of QuickSpin into online casinos and its focus on security and regulation.


QuickSpin and Mobile Gaming

QuickSpin has established itself as a top mobile gaming company that stands out in the online betting industry. The games have original graphics and unique themes largely based on fairy tales, animated like cartoons.

QuickSpin excels in mobile gaming with designs that cater to the player. Their slots run on iOS, Windows, and Android platforms, using Flash and HTML 5 for most releases. This compatibility with every device improvement reflects QuickSpin's client-first approach.

The approach to mobile gambling involves not only compatibility but also the quality of the gameplay. Games feature interactive bonus features, adventure, strong narratives, and immersive storylines, providing captivating gameplay situations. Innovative gameplay elements like interactive bonus rounds and creative wild symbols add depth to mobile gaming.

QuickSpin's approach to mobile gaming is characterized by innovative game designs, a player-centric focus on experiences, and technical cross-platform compatibility. Their leadership in mobile casino industry is due to dedication towards quality service delivery, creativity, and customer engagement.

Responsible Gaming and Fair Play in QuickSpin Games

QuickSpin, a top provider in the online gaming industry, maintains its commitment to responsible gaming and fair play. They achieve this through various strategies and tools that are aimed at ensuring that all players have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

QuickSpin’s Commitment to Responsible Gambling

  • Information and Education: QuickSpin offers direct information and educative resources about responsible gambling. This includes the potential consequences of compulsive gambling behavior as well as the importance of playing for fun. Players should set aside money for games, wager limits, loss limits and game times.
  • Responsible Advertising: It is important for QuickSpin to ensure that their advertising is not misleading or targeting children. This is not only imperative for regulatory purposes but also prevents such groups from experiencing problems related to gambling addiction.
  • Collaboration with Help Organizations: QuickSpin collaborates with responsible gaming organizations as well as mental health agencies. This helps in making their services and practices better hence a better player protection framework.
  • Tailoring Practices to Diverse Demographics: QuickSpin recognizes that their player base comprises people from various backgrounds; therefore, it has designed its responsible gaming approach towards meeting the unique requirements of different groups such as urban First Nations individuals, or new immigrant teenagers who may be more prone to gambling issues.

Fair Play and Player Safety Measures

  • Robust Identification and Monitoring Systems: QuickSpin uses systems intended for identifying players who are at risk and intervening before any potential harm can be caused. This involves noticing patterns of excessive play or changes in behavior.
  • Age Verification and KYC Procedures: Measures are put in place to ensure no underage participants by conducting rigorous age verification procedures. There are Know Your Customer (KYC) checks which help to maintain the integrity of the platforms and protect minors from engaging in gambling activities.
  • Transparency and Fairness: Transparency is guaranteed by QuickSpin in its operations. This includes vetting game providers and content for fair results, as well as providing explicit odds, terms, and payout percentages.
  • Player Empowerment Features: There are deposit limits, cooling off periods and self-exclusion options meant to increase player autonomy. At the same time, QuickSpin offers educational materials on responsible gambling behavior modification.

QuickSpin’s commitment to responsible gaming and fair play can be seen in its use of technology mixed with cooperation and teaching methods. It ensures a safe and even playing field which caters for all player’s wellbeing.

QuickSpin’s Future Developments

QuickSpin, a well-known name in the internet gaming industry, has recently been advancing its range of games notably in the area of live casinos. Collaborating with Playtech, QuickSpin introduces QuickSpin Live which is the firm’s first foray into live casino gaming. With this move, QuickSpin, that is mainly recognized for its slots games, now steps into a fast changing and dynamic world of live casinos.

QuickSpin Live aims at redefining live casino

By merging state-of-the-art technology with QuickSpin’s hallmark creativity and high production value. The company’s premier release under this new line is Big Bad Wolf Live; an engagement that sets industry standards with respect to its immersive RNG and live experience, attention to detail and unique features. This game showcases QuickSpin’s ambition to create market-leading games through utilizing Playtech group’s technological expertise and scalability.

Strategic Direction and Vision

The strategic direction of QuickSpin in connection with this venture is deeply enshrined on their founding vision; delivering exhilarating gaming experiences that embody quality production values, innovation combined with a touch of love. In recognizing the continuously evolving nature of the business as well as changing face of players in the new generation, QuickSpin seeks to address those who have grown up gaming socially on arcade machines or computers among other platforms.

QuickSpin Live's Major Aspects

Among other things, one major aspect concerning QuickSpin Live is that they aim to launch one new live game every quarter thus seeking to keep pace with market trends by ensuring constant flow of innovative and engaging content for players. This strategy indicates not only QuickSpin’s determination towards innovative ideas but also signals it as a continuous player in a dynamic live casino scene.

Quickspin’s introduction into quickspin live casino gambling starting with Big Bad Wolf Live is a strategic extension and diversification from their existing gaming portfolio. This development aligns itself with the firm’s corporate philosophy and mission statement promising to reshape what people understand about how live casinos operate while meeting the needs of a younger generation of gamers who crave for immersive and interactive gaming experiences.

QuickSpin’s Impact and Future in Online Gaming

The online gambling industry has been greatly influenced by QuickSpin, a Swedish game development studio founded in 2011 that creates visually rich and innovative video slots. It had grown so fast and offered peculiar games that made Playtech take an interest in the company and later bought it in 2016. This deal has seen QuickSpin grow bigger, increasing its size in terms of operations within the online casino gaming.

QuickSpin offers more than 80 titles, which are known for their outstanding attention to detail, amazing stories and ingenious features. Games such as “Big Bad Wolf”, “Sakura Fortune” and “Sticky Bandits” are some examples that attest QuickSpin’s commitment to an interactive gaming experience. The company has earned numerous industry awards for quality and player involvement, further cementing its place as a top provider of online casino games.

The future of QuickSpin in online gambling looks promising. It is still focused on originality where they come up with new titles having fascinating attributes, graphics and sound tracks which are class leading. By adopting a mobile-first approach while using HTML5 technology, QuickSpin ensures that all their games can be accessed on different devices thereby following the rising trend of mobile gambling.

Due to several licenses and certifications that ensure fair gaming practices, QuickSpin is respected in the industry as a reliable provider of secure games. Having established strategic partnerships and collaborations that have driven its success thus far has strengthened its market presence even further.

Journey from an emerging small studio based in Sweden to one of the major actors in online casino gaming proves innovation, quality and customer centricity by Quickspin. Looking ahead to continued excellence coupled with proper implementation of growth strategies aimed at keeping their competitive edge intact; thus making it possible for them to continue ruling the world of internet based casinos as well as giving players unforgettable experiences all over earth.