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Know Your Customer (KYC) for Online Gambling & Gaming in Australia

Knowing your customers is the most basic requirement of any business, but it’s also a regulatory obligation for the online gambling and gaming industry.

This makes traditional casino gambling a risk for money laundering because of its cash-oriented nature.

In effect, online gambling and gaming takes this risk to another level by providing avenues through which money launderers can take advantage or otherwise engage in fraud and other financial crimes.

Actually, every online gambling and gaming enterprise within the country must comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Act 2006.

As per this law, online gambling sites should run an identity verification exercise on their clients before they are admitted to use their services.

This article explores how to meet your KYC requirements when operating an online casino or offering betting services. 

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

KYC refers to the process that online casinos engage in when they want to authenticate their customers and minimize fraud.

To get things started, strict Australian regulations were put into place to make sure everyone stays in line. Operators are required to make sure customers actually are who they say they are before they’re given anything. Even more than that, regulated casinos have to implement their own security measures too. The purpose of this is to protect against potential fraud and money laundering.

These rules aren’t new either, they’ve been around for a while now and recently there was an update called Zero Day Verification it makes it so operators have to be quick when verifying player’s identities. They only have 24 hours!

When it comes to online gambling, the industry can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know your surroundings well enough. That’s why KYC practices were introduced into the mix. These are meant to ensure every customer is thoroughly checked before being granted any services.

These practices do the following:

  • Stop people from pretending to be you
  • Prevent money launderers from taking advantage
  • Ensure no one under 18 gambles

All these rules combine into a safe gaming environment that matches Australia's commitment to keeping its players safe online.

Integrating KYC & Player Well-being

Responsible gaming practices and KYC protocols have to be interwoven in the area of online casinos. Verification checks are more than just red tape, they help to maintain constant player safety. When a source of funds check is initiated, it serves as a proactive measure to thwart fraud, acting as a safeguard against players potentially spending beyond their means. Gaming establishments that use Know Your Customer protocols can specifically identify players to ensure that they monitor them well when gambling.

This comprehensive approach is important for protecting those most at risk from gambling-related issues.

Australian’s best online casinos aim to provide an extra level of security by creating Responsible gambling environment. Identity verifications act as strong hindrances against underage gambling and function as front-line defense against fraudulent activities.

On top of KYC process, these platforms incorporate responsible gambling tools which offer users effective mechanisms for managing and controlling their gaming habits. These casinos prioritize player well-being by combining stringent identity verification with proactive responsible gaming features thus advocating the whole experience of safe and holistic online gambling.

Regulations on KYC in Australia: Ensuring Financial Integrity

Australia is overseen for the vigilant monitoring of financial activities by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). AUSTRAC, as the government body mandated to carry out these duties, has a mission of protecting communities from serious and organized crime aimed at detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal exploitation of the financial system.

Within various sectors including gambling and financial services that inherently pose risks, AUSTRAC is responsible for supervising compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act).

Businesses operating in these sectors are required to adopt customer due diligence through risk-based approaches. These acts serve as a protective shield against money launderers or terrorist financiers; in this way they prevent illicit activities from being carried out by businesses as well customers.

Consequently, when KYC checks are implemented, companies can verify customer identity accurately using information that has been sourced from reputable government agencies. Therefore, one of the ways of checking official documents entails cross-referencing them against trusted government sources. Furthermore, comprehensive checks require going through such datasets as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanctions watchlist thus contributing to decrease overall financial crime risk.

What Does KYC Entail?

To open and operate an online gaming or gambling account it is commonly required that customers submit personal identifying documents which authenticate their name, age and permanent address. The legitimacy of this data goes through meticulous examination from multiple authentic data providers.

Note should be taken that there are specific guidelines and exceptions in place regarding customer identification procedures within Australia. For example, online wagering corporations have to identify a punter within a period not exceeding 72 hours but must ensure such verification completion before releasing funds. This thorough approach shows Australia’s commitment to maintaining financial integrity while also securing its financial systems.

To verify a new account at an online casino, follow these steps:

  1. Start creating your new account by clicking Sign Up or register
  2. Provide full name, physical address, mobile phone number
  3. The data will be checked automatically against databases.
  4. Use either email link sent from the casino or text message to verify your account.
  5. Make the initial deposit and begin playing thrilling real money games

The Australia KYC Firms

The KYC checks required by online casinos are done through a third party. A lot of reputable companies are available to assist casinos to verify player’s identity.

Age verifications, location verifications and other such services are provided by them all that might be necessary for an online casino site.


Well-known for assisting online operators meet anti-money laundering requirements, KYC360 is a popular choice. This service offers quick KYC screening which includes identity verification, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) screening and comprehensive risk assessment.


Most gambling houses which have Australian gamblers as customers have KYC Hub which boasts a strong know your customer compliance program. Audit trails, ID verification, and advanced fraud detection capabilities are some of the most important features that it has. This service is now used in 180+ countries worldwide.


Kycaid - verifies people’s identities as well as helps operators reduce risks, with its operations spanning over 248 countries. For years now, it has been ranked highly among online casinos providing rapid and dependable verification of identity.

PXL Vision

A Swiss based company that specializes on automated identity verifications is PXL Vision . PXL Vision uses face-recognition software to ensure that the person being verified matches the picture provided on their ID making it more secure.


Sumsub works across over 150 countries making it a full coverage solution for different KYC needs. This services excels at fast ID verification coupled with rigorous fraud detection mechanisms. Sumsub is also fully compliant with all regulatory measures hence making it even more trustworthy as a KYC partner.


KYC process is important in guaranteeing your safety as a player and it falls in line with the current legal framework in Australia which is meant to fight against money laundering. It is the best method that online platforms use to confirm each player’s identity.

Submitting your necessary KYC documents is an easy process. You are required to forward all the required papers via email to your chosen online casino’s customer support team. The process of doing this stuff is very fast so that you can quickly be through with it.

Indeed, according to legal provisions, KYC is compulsory within Australia. AUSTRAC, a government body overseeing financial transactions, actively tries to detect and deter abuse of Australia’s financial system by criminals.

Online gambling still has serious problems of frauds up its sleeve. A check-in point for this kind of fraud would entail going through a KYC system. This would mean that players involved are only those who transact real money thereby securing the overall security and reducing chances for fraudulent activities.