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Australian Online Casino Guides and Winning Tips

Ausslots.com is an online hub full of handy articles, tutorials, and guides that refer to Aussie online casinos. We have brought together some of the essentials that include casino game descriptions and classifications in addition to winning strategies and tactics that will let you make the most of the gambling process.

While most of you are familiar with typical games like Black Jack or roulette that actually do not require special skills or learning curve, online slot machines are evolving. With so many slot games and new software available, they deliver tons of options in terms of gaming structure, bonuses, and technologies. From elementary 3-reel emulators to advanced Australian slot games featuring 3D graphics, high-quality sound, and god payouts.

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The Benefits of Playing Casino Slots Online

With so many games available at online casinos in Australia, slot machines have probably the biggest representation. Top websites host literally hundreds and thousands of slots delivered by the biggest software producers. You may pick the one that meets your interests and preferences depending on the theme, gaming structure, jackpots or bonuses offered.

Playing online slots ensures a set of the following advantages:

  • Access on the Go – while some games including Black Jack or roulette might not be available in the online casino version, slots are developed using the latest technologies to let players access them both from desktop or mobile devices. Play wherever you are anytime.
  • Wide Selection of Games – from superhero slot machines to emulators representing movie and cartoon characters, fairytale scripts, etc. Hundreds of slots are dedicated to various subjects form wonderlands and fantasy worlds to popular travelers, discoverers, villains, and more. Set for an adventure you will never forget.
  • Top-Notch Technologies – produced using advanced software, slot machines come with exceptional graphics, sound, and visual content. It lets players engage and become a part of the gaming process instead of pointless pressing the “spin” button.
  • Exceptional Winning opportunities – apart from high payouts, modern slots come with different jackpot types, risk games, bonus stages, and other integrated options to increase your winning chances.

As a result, slot machines come as an ultimate online casino option. It does not matter if you play for real money or free, modern emulators ensure 100% of gambling satisfaction. Now, let’s have a look at slot game types to clarify, which one suits you the most.

Online Slot Games Classification

Newbies might be overwhelmed with the range of slots available at different online casinos in Australia. To put you at ease, Ausslots.com experts have divided all slot games into categories. We have taken into account some crucial criteria and features to consider. They will define the gaming type as well as winning possibilities.

Whether you prefer playing classic slots with old-school fruit symbols or want to take part in an exciting 3D adventure, you need to consider the following classifications:

Reels and Paylines

Technical features will let you choose a slot game you need. They are divided by the number of reels. This fact defines the gaming algorithm as well as the slot structure. The reels are the spinning symbols that eventually form a winning combination on a chosen line.

Old-fashioned slots usually come with 3, 5 or 7 reels:

  • 3-reeled games are considered as old-school ones. They made their debut decades ago and can still be met in live casinos as well as online. As a rule, they feature fruit symbols as well as jewels, pearls, etc. A basic game that might be good to start with.
  • 5-reeled slots represent emulators of the new age. They feature advanced technologies that result in high-quality visual and sound content. They are the dominating force in the gambling industry today.
  • 7-reeled slots appear to be a relatively new invention although come top Australian online casinos have them in their collection. They usually boast superior animation blended with the advanced gaming process.
The Benefits of Playing Casino Slots Online

While some veterans still prefer old-school slots, modern games offer wider options in terms of the gambling process. For example, they come with extra functions like Auto Play, multiplayer, free spins, etc. In addition, they have more symbols and pay lines, which means higher chances to win.

Gaming Theme

Another feature used to sort out slot machines by categories. The idea is pretty simple: all games related to fairytales and wonderlands form a separate group. The same thing is with slots dedicated to movie characters, superheroes, ancient civilizations, animals, toys, Christmas Eve, etc.

A good thing here is that you may actually pick a category and find their old-school emulators as well as advanced slots. A great chance to try different gaming structures and make the gambling process more flexible.

Software Provider

Each company produces its unique games that differ from others. Some software providers have made a name for themselves not only with the help of advanced technologies but also gaming themes they pick. For instance, if you come across a bright slot machine where you need to find lost treasures or become a ghost pirate, you are probably playing NetEnt slots.

If you prefer fruit splash slots with traditional gaming structure and paytable, Novomatic would be the right pick for you. Playtech is popular for its online slots dedicated to movie characters, superheroes, etc. Choose the one that is closer to your heart and start playing.

Bonus Stages

It might be a crucial feature for some gamblers looking for higher winning chances. While out-of-date slot games usually come with a typical risk game, where you need to pick a card or guess, which door hides the treasure, advanced emulators are packed with various bonus options.

They may include free spins once you have got a Scatter symbol in the winning combination, progressive jackpots that become bigger every second, mystery prizes, hidden treasures rolling out, and more.

Tips to Choose the Best Aussie Online Casino

As you may see, novice gamblers may find it difficult to pick the right game considering tons of features to take into account. To make things easier for our visitors, we have conducted a list of simple tips that will make it simple for you to select the right website. All you need is to focus on the factors described below.

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to play slots or traditional games. Do you need mobile access? Are you going to play for real money or free? Depending on the answers, you need to take into account the following:

  1. Game Selection – a website may be focused mainly on slot games or offer only card games roulette and other typical options instead. Decide on the game type and go for it.
  2. Flash or Download – do you need to download extra software? Does the casino provide instant access to its games? Make sure the technology meets your requirements.
  3. Free Mode – make sure a website has a free version to play slot and other games without depositing real money. At least, it should have a demo version.
  4. Desktop or Mobile – as a rule, desktop casino versions differ from their mobile brothers. Make sure a chosen website has enough games and slots to access from a mobile device. Moreover, it must be compatible with your OS, screen dimensions, etc.
  5. Bonuses – bonuses and special offers will turn the gaming process into a real thrill. It is always great to get a couple of credits for nothing, isn’t it?

Those are not the only points to consider. What you should really do is to look through a website, check its game selection, payment options supported. It is also vital to read carefully billing information, bonus limitations, and other things that may spoil a good first impression.

Some of those things do not matter if you play free casino games. But once you have decided to play at the premier league, you need to be 100% sure a casino meets your expectations in terms of depositing, withdrawing, bonuses, and more.

Ausslots.com is your ultimate guide to the world of online gambling in Australia. Users may always count on our comprehensive support and detailed Aussie casino overviews. Here we have a huge selection of how-to guides, articles, tutorials good for newbies and dedicated veterans.

Good hunting at Ausslots.com!