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Alice in Wonderland Slot Review - Free Demo and Real Money Play

Alice in Wonderland Slot is a slot game that has been created to incorporate the enchanting, whimsical charm of Lewis Carroll’s timeless story. The popularity of this game in Australia is largely due to the interesting theme and immersive style, which resonates with a broad spectrum of users. There are evident links between the slot and Alice in Wonderland since all its aspects allude to the characters in the book as well as the magic-like backdrop. The slot does not only bring beloved characters and scenes alive but also adds some spice to the traditional slot gaming experience thus making it popular among Australians who love both nostalgic stories and innovation in games.

Game Design and Graphics

Alice in Wonderland Slot game is a candy for the eyes and mirrors the light-hearted and magical nature of this story. This implies that it uses vibrant colors as well as intricate animations to make the story come alive, something that Australians who enjoy lively and engaging themes in slot games will definitely love. The background is a lusciously imaginative portrayal of Wonderland, complete with iconic images such as the Mad Hatter’s tea party and Cheshire Cat’s smile, which add another level of nostalgia and cuteness that appeals to both literary buffs and casual players in Australia.

Character Design and Symbols

Every character or symbol in the game has been carefully designed to reflect Carroll’s original characters. For instance, Australians who are known for their attention to details would be happy with Alice, White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts being portrayed through high-quality graphics. The symbols were made to have visual appeal but also be easily discernable so that quick paced gaming preferred by many Australian players can be supported.

Graphics Quality and Performance

The artistic graphics of the game also make it technically advanced hence ensuring its compatibility among different platforms. In Australia where there are demands for lag-less or glitch-free high quality gaming experiences; this attribute is highly important. The performance on desktops, as well as mobile gadgets used in Australia, are excellent with fast loading time coupled with stable game play which makes it a good user experience in the overall.

The game design and graphics of the Alice in Wonderland Slot are a hit among the Australian market. The combination of both striking visuals and easily navigable interfaces that perform at high levels makes it rank as one of the leading choices for any slots enthusiasts in Australia.

Soundtrack and Audio Effects

A significant component of the captivating and immersive experience that players have in this game is the audio design of Alice in Wonderland Slot introduced in Australia. What makes it unique is its sound track and sound effects, which aptly blend with the whimsical theme thereby, resonating well with Australian audiences who are fond of thrilling gaming experiences.

Melodic Soundtrack: Music for this game has been inspired by the classical story of Alice in Wonderland and so the music used here is characterized by funny notes and mystical melodies. This gives a feeling that they are being transported to Alice's exceptional world. The developers aimed at creating a magical sound that would be preferred by Australians, where games should not only look good but also sound good.

Unique Sound Effects: Every character appearing on the reels from Alice to Mad Hatter has a different set of sounds accompanying their actions throughout the game. This attention to detail makes it more interesting for Australians who like well-designed things while playing.

Ambient Sounds: To make players feel like they’ve really stepped into Wonderland, ambient sounds that mimic its environment have been added to the game. From leaves rustling to clocks ticking, these sounds build on the authenticity of the gaming experience. For Australian players seeking an escape through gaming, these ambients offer them a temporary journey away from real life.

Dynamic Audio Responses: As events unfold during gameplay, the audio responds accordingly to keep things fresh and exciting. Triggering a bonus round or landing a big win will be accompanied by music escalating or celebratory sound effects bursting in volume. Making sure every part of this loud experience is as interactive and thrilling for Australian players as possible.

Customizable Options: Understanding that different people have different preferences, customization options have been added to this game’s audio settings. Players can adjust volumes or toggle sound effects and music on/off at will, so they have full control over how they’d like to hear things while playing.

Cultural References: Although universally appealing, the soundtrack and sound effects may contain certain instruments or musical motifs that Australian players might find familiar. Perhaps even nostalgic.

The Alice in Wonderland Slot game’s music and audio effects play a large role in why it’s so popular in Australia. Giving players an enchanting, character-filled and responsive audio experience made it a hit with the country’s audience. Casual or avid slot game enthusiasts will agree that this game is always a great choice if you want to be captivated.

Gameplay Mechanics

Alice in Wonderland Slot is an alluring game play that caters to the preferences of Australian players. It has 5 reels and a range of paylines between 20-30, which makes it possible for punters to adjust their betting strategies to their tastes. This flexibility is appealing in the Australian market where gamers want to be in control.

Betting options in Alice in Wonderland Slot are meant to accommodate various types of players; from low stake ones to those with deep pockets. Consequently, this game has been made accessible to the broad public in Australia by setting the minimum and maximum bet limits across different bankrolls. It is this inclusivity that underpins its addictiveness among Australian players.

The return to player (RTP) percentage and volatility are fundamental aspects of the game play. In most cases, Alice in Wonderland Slot has an RTP which competes fairly with other games appearing at around average industry levels that is highly appreciated by Australians who like games where your chances of winning are fair. Volatility on the other hand could be described as moderate because it offers both regular smaller wins as well as having potential for bigger payouts. This level of volatility is synonymous with Australian players who prefer a calm gaming experience but with occasional thrilling wins.

Moreover, among game mechanics are such features like ‘Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole’ bonus round and ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ free spins which make it more fun and provide opportunities for winning real money. These characteristics enhance gameplay while making sure that payments made are significant enough, something that appeals most slot fans from Australia.

Alice in Wonderland Slot's gameplay mechanics have been designed having Australian market in mind. These include adjustable paylines, comprehensive betting options, balanced RTP and volatility coupled with amazing bonus features – all these thrusts it into an excellent position for anyone looking for an exciting online slot experience with chances of huge rewards.

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

Alice in Wonderland Slot provides an assortment of captivating bonus features and special symbols that are tailor-made to heighten the gaming experience and increase the odds for a win. These qualities appeal to Australian players who prefer absorbing and active slot machine games.

Bonus Rounds

Special Symbols

Australian players not only find these features and special symbols amusing but also appreciate them since they are in line with their preferences for numerous play levels and chances for more wins. The incorporation of these aspects into "Alice in Wonderland Slot" makes it more popular and appealing to people from Australia.

Alice in Wonderland Slot Free Spins

Alice in Wonderland Slot Game has a very attractive free spin feature that many Australian players love. This is activated by landing particular symbol combinations on the reels, usually featuring the scatter symbol which is often based on characters or elements from the Alice in Wonderland story.

When Free Spins are Triggered?

In most cases, three or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate free spins in the slot game. The exact number of free spins may vary depending on the variant of the game as well as how many scatters are landed. A few versions of this game may offer a fixed number of them while others may give a chance to select between various combinations of free spins and multipliers.

Using Free Spins

During this round, extra features can be used by gamers from Australia. They could be higher multipliers, additional wild symbols, specific mechanics not found in the base game among other things. Expanding or sticky wilds, for instance, will increase the likelihood of achieving winning combinations by far.

Special Features During Free Spins

Some Alice In Wonderland slot games have unique features during free spins. Caterpillar Wilds can be one such feature where wilds are inserted into reels at random. Another example is Cheshire Cat turns whole columns into wild symbols during this bonus round. These types of special features are highly appreciated by Australians who love innovative and dynamic gameplay.

Retriggering Free Spins

It should be noted that this aspect does not apply to all slot games in Australia as some do not allow for retriggering after activating it with scatters. Consequently, players have an opportunity to prolong their duration for free play and potentially enlarge their winnings in case they want so.

Gameplay Consequences

For Australian gamblers who adore these titles, it goes beyond just winning without placing additional bets since it adds an extra thrill to their experience. It’s because that expectation prior to triggering this option combines with huge prizes during free spins, making it one of the essential parts in Alice in Wonderland slot game play.

The free spins feature in the Alice in Wonderland slot game is a key attraction for Australian players. It offers a mix of thrill, better chances to win, and a brand new twist to an old story making it alluring part of the game.

Alice in Wonderland Slot No Deposit Options in Australia

Alice in wonderland slot game can be played by Australian players without necessarily depositing any money. These options usually come in the form of no deposit bonuses or free spins provided by online casinos. Below are some pointers:

Terms and Conditions Relevant to Australian Players

When engaging with no deposit options, Australian players should be mindful of the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses:

Australian players should always read the terms and conditions of any no deposit offer to understand the requirements and restrictions. This ensures a better and more informed gaming experience.

Alice in Wonderland Slot Free Play

In Australia, there are several instances when players can enjoy "Alice in Wonderland Slot" through free play modes. These free versions are available on various online platforms and, as such, they provide a good opportunity for the player to experience Alice’s fantastic world without having to spend any money. Newbies in online slots stand to gain a lot from playing without being charged since they will get used to its mechanics and features.

Comparing with Real Money Play

While free play offers a risk-free environment, playing "Alice in Wonderland Slot" with real money opens the door to potential winnings and a more thrilling experience. This version includes all the same enchanting features and bonuses as the free version, but it also adds in the excitement of real stakes that makes every spin more exciting.

On real money Australian pokies, players may benefit from the 96.06% RTP (Return to Player) which gives them a fair chance at winning over time. Furthermore, gambling with real cash permits individuals to participate in different types of casino bonuses or promotions thereby enhancing their overall gaming experiences.

While free play is a great way to enjoy the "Alice in Wonderland Slot" without financial concerns, real money play elevates the excitement and offers the chance for actual winnings, along with the enjoyment of various casino bonuses and promotions.

Alice in Wonderland Slot - Play for Real Money

Alice in Wonderland Slot is a game that can be played for real money by Australian players on different online sites. These casinos have a reputation for being reliable, having a user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support. Famous internet gambling establishments are examples of online casinos such as the Woo Casino which has a welcome bonus package that includes free spins. Ensure the casino one settles on is licensed and regulated to guarantee safe and fair play.

Full information about Bonuses and Promotions for Australian Players

There are many attractive bonuses and promotions offered by several online casinos in Australia exclusively to Alice in Wonderland Slot players. This can include welcome bonuses, free spins, or special promotions aimed at regular players. For example, it may offer numerous free spins in its welcoming promotion so as to boost the initial gaming experience. Besides, there are some special events or tournaments related to this game which add an extra opportunity to win and make the gameplay more exciting.

Appreciating Real Money Gaming

Playing Alice in Wonderland Slot for money makes playing games even more thrilling. The game offers an immersive experience due to its interesting theme, beautiful graphics, and rich sound effects. The real money version preserves all of the popular features of this slot like its multiple bonus rounds and unique symbols. It is important for players to consider RTP (Return To Player) as well as volatility of the game that affect both frequency and size of payouts.

Safest Ways To Pay And Fast Payments

The available payment methods provided by casinos online in Australia cater for Australians who want to play online slots real money safely as possible as they wish. These include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies in some cases. Players need to find a casino where they can deposit and withdraw funds using their preferred method of payment. Moreover, pay attention whether there are any transaction fees or withdrawal limits.

Strategies and Tips for Playing

The Alice in Wonderland Slot is a popular game in Australia, due to its balance of whimsy and enjoyment derived from the classic children's storybook. To enhance your gaming experience, refer to these strategies and tips:

Bankroll Management Advice for Australian Players

By following these strategies and tips, Australian players can enjoy a more controlled and potentially rewarding experience with the Alice in Wonderland Slot. Remember, responsible gaming is key to a sustainable and enjoyable gambling experience.

Jackpots and Payouts

The Alice in Wonderland Slot, an adaptation of the classic storybook, offers a magical experience for players, especially in Australia. It’s jackpot features and payout structures make it a must play.

Here are some highlights for the Australian market

Alice in Wonderland Slot is an immersive game with a payout structure that suits every one of an Aussie player’s needs. Its approach towards jackpots along with how it managed to integrate winning elements based on winning combinations from the Alice in Wonderland story makes it one of the best choices in their online gaming market.

Player Reviews and Ratings in Australia

The reception for the Alice in Wonderland slot game has been mixed among Australian players. You can’t deny that it’s a unique looking game, and it’s got an even more unique theme, but is that enough for it to be popular?

Players have showered this game with both positive and negative reviews. The way the slot looks makes you feel like you’re in the famous story of Alice in Wonderland itself. And because of that there’s been a lot of praise for the creative design, as well as the nostalgic feeling of playing a game based on a favorite childhood story. It doesn’t stop there though, people seem to really love how vibrant and imaginative all the colors and characters are throughout the game.

Gameplay wise there isn’t much to complain about either. The 243 ways to win feature is very fun for players, who say it keeps games really dynamic with exciting possibilities. People also seem to really like all the free spins and cool symbols that come with hitting bonuses.

But here’s where things get sour. Some players have mentioned that the RTP (Return to Player) is too low, making it hard to win anything fun. Then some other players bring up how volatile your wins can be sometimes, saying that they’d rather small frequent winnings instead.

People are still undecided on if this game is worth giving multiple tries to or not. Some believe this blend of storytelling and gambling works well together, while others think it could’ve been executed better.

Australians Debate About This Slot Game

Although there have been mixed reviews across Australia, most people don't have any strong feelings towards this slot machine. They see its uniqueness and potential but just aren't necessarily convinced yet.

The online casinos located in Australia report having consistent traffic from this slot machine which might indicate something good about its reputation here in Australia.

This game being mobile compatible could also play a factor into its popularity here too. Allowing players to enjoy it from any device, wherever they are.

Alice in Wonderland Slot game has definitely found its place in the Australian online gaming market. It’s a game that continues to bring new and old players back for more.

Responsible Gaming in Australia

For Australian online casino players who enjoy the Alice in Wonderland Slot and others, it is vital to prioritize responsible gaming. Game developers create these games for pure entertainment - not to be a source of income. But this doesn’t mean you can’t play them if you have self-control and want to enjoy a little bit of fun. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

By incorporating these guidelines into your online gaming routine, you’ll be able to play the Alice in Wonderland Slot and others safely and responsibly. And with that in mind, remember that gambling is for having fun - not solving personal financial problems.

Game Developer Profile

BF Games, the developer behind the captivating "Alice in Wonderland Slot," has made a name for itself as a creative and innovative force in the online gaming sector. Having engaging themes and high-resolution graphics, BF Games have well depicted this classic story in the slot game making it a favorite among Australian players.

Persistence on Australia

In the diverse Australian online casino market, BF Games has been able to make a big impact with its wide range of slots. The existence of Alice in Wonderland Slot is proof that they can easily transform classic stories into amazing gaming experiences. That their games provide an immersive experience while possessing visually attractive designs resonates well with the discerning Australian audience that fancies quality and originality in online slots.

Invention and Technology

Their devotion towards innovation is seen when it comes to applying modern gaming technology. This ensures smooth gaming process for players who are on either desktops or mobile devices. Notably, their games including Alice in Wonderland Slot are compatible across mobile platforms which conforms with the growing popularity of mobile gaming within Australia.

Games Portfolio

BF games also boast a range of diverse slot machine titles from Alice in Wonderland which each come with different themes and gameplay mechanisms. This variety accommodates a broad spectrum of player preferences usually prevailing in the Australian market with its diverse tastes in web-based gambling.

Regulatory Compliance

This is notable because there’s widespread agreement as to how important being fair and meeting licensing requirements is crucial for many casinos operating within Australia. These are safe and fair games for players.

Bf game’s presence on Australia relies on innovative approach to developing games, diversified portfolios of first-rate slots, adherence to regulator’s requirements and customer security. Alice in Wonderland Slot is a typical example of their proficiency and expertise offering the Australian gamblers an engaging and visually beautiful gaming experience.

Game Updates and Version Changes

Over the years, a number of Alice in Wonderland Slot updates and version changes have been made to enhance user’s gaming experiences especially for Australian players. These updates are vital in maintaining the game’s attractiveness and aligning it with market preferences.

Recent updates: During recent Alice in Wonderland Slot changes, improved graphics and user interface were on top of the agenda. This ensured that there is a smooth gameplay irrespective of whether it was played on desktop or mobile versions of the game which is preferred by most Aussie players. Making graphic better brought more immersion into Wonderland’s world for any user.

Version changes: As for changes, they have been a lot. Several new bonus features came into play all this aimed at increasing rewards and making things exciting even more for players. Up to now so good as these adjustments received positive feedback from Aussie players who are always looking forward to different rounds.

Gaming impact: The new rewards also led to an improvement in load times and game stability. In Australia, where efficient gaming sessions are cherished this is important. These new additions not only create an extra challenge for experienced players but also keep the game interesting.

Mobile compatibility: A lot of attention was given to mobile compatibility considering how many Australians prefer playing on their phones or tablets. To allow for seamless gameplay, regardless of what device you’re using, performance on smartphones and tablets were optimized.

Australia focused updates: There’s no point in offering if it doesn’t match with local regulations or player expectations. Which is why betting options and payouts were adjusted when required. The look and feel of the game were also periodically refreshed to always keep Australian gamers interested.

Future updates: Future preparations will involve refining gameplay even further by adding more features while balancing current player enjoyment with responsible gaming practices that align with Australian regulations.

In short, plenty of thought has gone into making sure that all updates keep Aussie gamers happy and dedicated to what they like best from slots games. With this in mind it won’t be too long before we can see even more updates roll out.

Alice in Wonderland Slot Tournaments in Australia

Alice in Wonderland has become one of the most loved and popular slots in Australia. It is so engrossing that there is a cult following for online tourneys on it. A few players have seen the fact that the Alice in Wonderland tournament is highly competitive making this whimsical game as addictive as it is magical. This allows players to interact with the game differently while making huge parts of it that are equally rewarding.

What is the structure and who can participate?

Tournaments are usually organized in such a way that all types of players could take part in them and emerge top, thus making sure everyone has an equal chance to win. They can be scheduled events or more like ongoing competitions where one’s performance against other participants could be tracked live on a leader board. There will generally be required number of spins within which you should get a high score or achieve the biggest win depending on the competition. The conditions may vary depending on the type of tournament. Some events will not require any entry fees, thus referred to as freerolls, while others will ask you to pay before participating.

What kind of rewards and prizes are there?

Depending on your performance in a tournament, rewards and prizes vary each time. In high-stake tournaments, top finishers may get cash prizes, bonuses, free spins or even vacations and gadgets among others.

How do I find these tournaments?

If you play from Australia it is quite easy to find an Alice in Wonderland slot tournament. Different online casinos have these slots available and usually post their schedules on their website or send them through promotional mails. Remember to check out how long each tourney goes for, if there are any costs to enter, and what rules apply.

What’s the best strategy?

Players need both luck and skill for this game to work in their favor during any tournament they play. You know what you want to learn about the game features, paytables and so on… On top of this, you should be careful when managing your bankroll. Especially for tournaments with a fixed number of spins.

How does it bring people together?

Apart from being competitive, these tourneys offer players a more social way of interacting with one another. Mostly, these players are found on forums or social media groups dedicated to Australian slot players. In such places they share tips, stories and celebrate each other’s victories.

The Alice in Wonderland slot tournaments prove that this game always finds new ways to make an already fast-paced online gambling world even more thrilling. Every year these competitions will only continue getting bigger and better as online slots grow more popular in Australia.

Game Symbols Explained

An analysis of the Alice in Wonderland online slot game’s symbols reveals their cultural relevance and meaning within the context of the game. The game itself has become quite popular in Australia, offering a unique blend of whimsy and action-packed gameplay that truly captivates players.

Each of these symbols was meticulously designed to reflect elements of the original Alice in Wonderland story while also being appealing to Australian players. And judging by its popularity among them, it would seem that this strategic gamble paid off!

Mobile Gaming Experience in Australia

Even before Alice would fall down a hole in the ground, players are already being taken on a ride. This wild slot game offers Australian gamers an experience that defies logic and depth by blending together the quirky style of Alice in Wonderland with modern slot mechanics.

Accessibility is Key

Alice in Wonderland has been reworked so well for mobile devices that both new and old players will be shaking their heads at how intuitive the controls feel. The game wasn't just made to look good — it was made to make sense. Of course this isn't great news for those who love playing slot games on their 1950s fridge, but who even does that anymore?

Compatibility is King

Whether you're on a Samsung, Apple, or even some other brand you found while dumpster diving, the game won’t care. It will perform just as fast and beautifully as it would on anything else. So long as your phone isn't connected to a potato via ten-foot ethernet cable, you’ll have no hiccups.

Spotty Wi-Fi

If you're one of our friends from Australia then chances are your internet connection isn't the best. Well don’t fret because you can expect some smooth gameplay from this slot game even while your connection is struggling.

Next time you’re at work, go ahead and play Alice in Wonderland on your lunch break! After all, being late for meetings and skipping out on responsibilities is what Alice did best — she was also constantly falling into holes… so maybe don’t do that either.

All jokes aside though, this game really takes advantage of what modern tech can offer and we couldn’t recommend it more if we tried!

Legal and Regulatory Information in Australia

Abiding By Australian Gambling Regulations

In Australia, like any online casino game, Alice in Wonderland follows some very strict regulations. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) is the governing law for online gambling in Australia. This act outlines the rules and restrictions when it comes to providing these services to Aussies. To be clear, players are free to play slots. But providing those games to Australians is a lot more complicated than just clicking a button.

For operators that offer the Alice in Wonderland slot, they have to be very careful when operating in Australia. They need to follow all these regulations. That means getting the necessary licenses and making sure their games are fair and transparent. Their Random Number Generator (RNG) has to be audited regularly by an independent body. All of this makes sure that play conditions are even for all involved parties.

On top of all that, operators must take measures that ensure no one underage can gamble on their site or app. These steps also include ways for people with gambling problems to seek help.

Is the Game Legal and Available?

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland looking to get your hands on this slot game, it all depends on where you live in Australia. You see, local companies can’t offer this type of game to residents at all. That being said, there’s always another way! And it seems like Australians love going through loopholes because offshore casinos do accept them with open arms!

But keep in mind what we said earlier: offering online casino games is illegal if done locally. Now, while you may think your money is safe since you’ll be playing offshore, rest assured that it won't be easy if something were to go wrong between you two! Essentially, Australians are treading into unfamiliar waters but why risk your savings when you could easily find better options?

Frequently Asked Questions

Alice in Wonderland Slot is a fascinating online slot game that was inspired by the story of Alice’s adventures. It is famous for its stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and a variety of bonus features desirable to different Australia based players.

Yes, Australians have embraced Alice in Wonderland Slot to a great extent. The game is well liked by Australian players who are fond of good looking and interesting slot games.

Absolutely, this game was created with portable devices that people use including smartphones and tablets, so it’s not an issue when you desire to play it on the go. Australian players appreciate this aspect most.

Australian players find the game unique as they have creative bonus rounds, wilds and scatters among other special symbols. It gives an extra dimension because it is based on the famous story of Alice in wonderland.

Australian players can activate free spins while playing Alice in wonderland slot. These are usually triggered by specific symbol combinations and can add more excitement and chances for winning.

One can find numerous Australian internet casinos offering a free version of this game. A good way to see how Alice in Wonderland Slot works and learn its features with no real money stakes.

The game has different betting options suitable for every player. Australian players can change their betting sizes hence making it affordable for both high and low stake thrillers.

Return to player percentages (RTPs) and levels of risk or volatility are important indicators that show you how often and big you can win while playing this game. Australians usually want a balance between these two things, which is suitable for their gaming style and risk preferences.

Australian players can benefit from managing their bankrolls well, understanding the paytable, and playing a free version to know the features of this game although it’s mostly a chance game.

Yes, Alice in Wonderland Slot has been made available on the Australian market; however, one must ensure they play at an accredited online casino that meets legal standards of operating within Australia’s jurisdiction for secure gambling experience.

Final thoughts

In Australia, the Alice in Wonderland slot machine has been quite attractive to a wide audience. And it’s no surprise why. Of course, any player who has even a bit of nostalgia for this classic tale would want to see what this game is about. One thing’s for sure, if there was ever a team to bring this enchanting story back to life through this modern game — it’s them.

The fact alone that it has resonated with players so much is evidence enough that the game does some things right. And let me say, the fact that it brings you into its world and fascinates you never gets old. You’ll feel like you’re not just watching Alice go through her dream land, but you’ll be right there next to her.

It’s not easy for one game to stick out in the middle of an endless list of online slots available today — especially because as time goes on more and more are being made. But surely enough, this Alice in Wonderland slot did just that. It brings together all the great features from slots we’ve come to know and love over the years with new innovative ones.

If there was one thing designers really wanted to nail with this game (besides bringing back nostalgia) — it was the sound design and graphics. And boy did they hit it out of the park with these two aspects. There’s no way you didn’t get completely immersed in Alice's world when playing.

The gameplay matches up perfectly with what Aussies look for when playing online slots. A good mix of challenging but also exciting always keeps us on our toes in a good way while playing.