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9 Bells Slot Review - Free Demo and Real Money Play

9 Bells is an exciting slot game from Wazdan released on December 14, 2023. The game brings the flavour of a traditional slot to life, though the gameplay has been disrupted thanks to a new bonus feature. The game is played on a 3×3 reel structure, and most importantly, it embraces the unique “Hold the Jackpot” bonus game, and that is its central theme. The slot is vital for the Australian gambling and betting market since it replicates features associated with slots with varying volatility. The game is crucial because it ticks all the boxes, catering to the needs of both conservative and high-staking gamblers. Due to the volatility feature, veteran and beginner players can easily playout at full pelt.

9 Bells was developed by Wazdan, a revered slot brand with all the requisite permits from numerous offshore gambling regulatory bodies. The game falls within their goals in producing classic games with the infusion of modern technology. Once the game was released, players won sizeable amounts after gambling for long hours, with the highest win pegged at 1500x the bet during the Hold the Jackpot bonus game.

How to Play 9 Bells Slot

Detailed Rules of the Game

9 Bells Slot offers a unique format, which is not based on traditional paylines. The game consists of a 3x3 reel set, with each reel position spinning independently. As such, there are, technically, no paylines. The main way to win throughout the game is by collecting bonus sides. The latter can either facilitate additional options, or provide payouts. The first step in the game is deciding on a base bet. However, players are additionally given a chance to increase their stake through Chance Level, which again can also considerably expand the betting range.

Symbols, Paylines, and Betting Options

To a large degree, 9 Bells is about the symbols, which replace the paylines. They include Cash Symbols, Cash Infinity Symbols, Mystery Symbols, Jackpot Mystery, and Collector Symbols. Each of the believes has had its particular role in the game. Some can solely serve to provide payouts, while the game requires other ones, for example, to stick to the tape, while the related options are not realized. Still, during the bonus, the existing symbols can turn into jackpot sides. Regarding the betting range, now the latter is very broad, staring form a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $10,000. Therefore, one can characterize 9 Bells, perhaps as one of the premium slots. As for those who joined paytically not so long ago, they are recommended to begin with small bets. Finally, it is advisable to do without beginner's waste of money, using the demo mode. This allows practicing the game without staking real money.

9 Bells Slot Review

Graphics and Audio

9 Bells slot designed by Wazdan is a slot that offers high-quality graphics and smooth animations. The slot utilizes a 3×3 classic theme, which looks like the screen slot machine, decorated with bells, coins, and treasure chests rather than traditional fruits. Picture this - the timeless vibe of old-school slots, now redesigned for today's tastes. Whether you're new to the game or an old pro, there’s something here for you. The team behind this game didn't hold back on visuals - they've gone all-in to ensure every detail is crisp, from the vibrant graphics to each intricately designed symbol. Slot Game 9 Bells by Wazdan.

The game’s audio that includes background music while going on a treasure hunt is fitting and thrilling at the same time. There are also sound effects on winning spins and during gambles and bonus rounds. The consistent theme between the audio and the visual components in the game has been well maintained and the overall tone of the game classic, though less dullened. Slot Game 9 Bells by Wazdan.

User Interface and Gameplay Experience

The user interface is simple to use since you only need to hit the 'spin' button to place your bet. The profile of the nine ways to win is in the far right corner, alongside the other game information. It has a 3×3 reel which is set up for each position of the independent reel to spin, so there is a new feature that adds a unique feel to the game. Navigating through the game feels intuitive, making every session smooth sailing. Its uncomplicated slot system plays a big part in enhancing your time spent gaming. Slot Game 9 Bells by Wazdan.

9 Bells Slot Game Features

In the world of online slots, 9 Bells Slot stands out. Not least due to its unique array of game features that make the action on the reels more thrilling and engaging, but also due to the fact that they could raise the odds of landing big wins. Three 9 Bells Slot features have been developed by the team behind the game. Taking the most advantage of them requires playing on the maximum bet:

9 Bells Slot Free Play

“9 Bells Slot” is offered in a demo or free version at no registration. However, since the given slot could only be played online, the intention to initiate free play should be supported by the availability of the casino online that offers the given version of “9 Bells Slot”. It is recommended to try free play of “9 Bells Slot” because many of its features, including the high volatility, vary for specific slots and might influence the risk. In other words, for inexperienced players trying the demo version, it would be beneficial to see the volatility settings that exhibit various probability rates of winning. Besides, the major benefit of starting to play without real money is learning the gaming experience without the negative consequences.

As such, free play is an excellent way to learn from the best and refine slot machine gambling tactics. The online slot is ready to try the Hold the Jackpot bonus, and meanwhile, the volatility levels remain to be adjusted. In simple terms, for instance, playing with different volatility levels and the same group of fruits, players define how many small and big winning payouts they should anticipate. Finally, independent learning about the effects of the Hold the Jackpot bonus feature on the outcome could form a winning avalanche sequence.

9 Bells Slot Free Spins

“9 Bells Slot” actually has one free spins bonus game on the reels and this is what makes these free spins a crucial part of the game. First, they give you another chance to get the prize or even to play Mega Spins that may bring much bigger rewards than your common game. Second, they do not influence your wagering balance so you can get this advantage entirely for free.

The free spins are obtained, as in 99% of the slots, by a combination of the scatter symbols landing on the reels. In the most common case, three or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will grant you a set number of free spins. In addition, in the majority of cases, the amount of free spins will depend on the amount of the scattered symbols, so here: the more scatters you get, the more spins will be awarded. Each of these free spin features in the “9 Bells Slot” makes the game dynamic and fresh. If you want to know how to use these free spins best, here are the tips:

9 Bells Slot No Deposit

No deposit play is a fabulous opportunity to experience “9 Bells Slot” without investing funds. More particularly, it is applicable to the gambling market of Australia since players there tend to practice their favourite games beforehand. Therefore, no deposit participation implies signing up with an online casino that rewards gamblers with a bonus without their deposits. Then players can use it as a deposit on a “9 Bells Slot.” Participating with no deposit has many benefits for players interested in “9 Bells Slot”:

Strategies for Winning

9 Bells Slot Play for Real Money

Numerous online casinos in Australia provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to try “9 Bells Slot” in real money mode in Australia. Sky Crown Casino and Fastpay Casino are two fine examples of the best websites providing a great number of games and fast payout options. Sky Crown Casino dominates as a reliable provider that offers a secure and fun gaming experience. It provides more than 6,000 games, which is a sufficient option for every gamer. Fastpay Casino is a leading provider due to its multiple advantages, including rapid withdrawal processing time that does not exceed several minutes. With a range of games and fast payouts, it is an ultimate choice for those players who do not wish to wait for several hours to take their winnings. Dailyspins Casino and Instaspin Casino market “9 Bells Slot”, with attractive FS 200% 100% + 200 FS and FS 100% 100% + 100 FS welcome bonuses respectively.

Legal and Safety Aspects

Playing “9 Bells Slot” in real money mode is associated with legal and safety aspects people need to consider to ensure their gaming experience in not burdened by grievances. First of all, people need to ensure that the casinos they choose are licensed and do not violate the restrictions of Australian gambling laws. In addition, online casino websites usually feature the necessary security measures to ensure data protection through the implementation of SSL encryption. Finally, players need to consider their preferences for payout timing, games, and promotion offers. Australia is rich in land-based venues where individuals can enjoy gambling “9 Bells Slot” in real money mode. Given that numerous players are fond of social gaming, physical casinos abound in the country.

Where to Play 9 Bells Slot in Australia

To have fun playing the 9 Bells slot in Australia, you can make use of both online and offline options accommodating different interests and legal conditions.

Safety and Legality

Be it, online or offline gambling, you should pay attention to the licensing of your prospective place. Online casinos in Australia are a well-regulated area with a focus on safety and fair play. Reliable online casinos have strong data encryption guaranteeing the total security of your personal information and payment details. If you prefer offline gambling, make sure it is an officially licensed casino fully complying with the Australian gambling law.

Comparison with Other Slots

The game option of 9 Bells Slot has found its special place in the lively Australian gambling market. This is most common for fans of simplicity and innovative gaming mechanics. As for the comparison of 9 Bells Slot with other slots available to players in Australia, one should distinguish primarily between the features of the game, the returns of players and the tastes of users.


The RTP of 9 Bells Slot rates 96.16%, which is definitely a good enough number. In most cases, it can be described as an average RTP as it allows you to balance the risk and possible return.

9 Bells Slot is a highly volatile game, which means that wins will be rare. However, at the same time, they will be significantly bigger if compared to less volatile titles. Thus, it will be exciting to play 9 Bells for people keen on taking massive risks.

9 Bells Slot features a number of exciting features, such as Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game, a Cash Out option, and Reel Respins. Moreover, there are no traditional Wilds or Scatters on the reels, and the game features a special ‘9’ symbol that allows you to enjoy all of the aforementioned features.

You can also adjust the volatility levels of 9 Bells Slot as it is known for its Variable Volatility.

In this case, you can expect to win up to 1500x your wager, which is quite a generous prize .