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7 Monkeys Slot Review - Free Demo and Real Money Play

7 Monkeys Slot by Pragmatic Play brings together simplicity and aesthetics to create an enjoyable game that Australian gamers love. Users don’t need a long or complex tutorial to learn how to play, while still getting stunning art along with sound design when playing through it makes this a great addition to their catalogue of games.

Game Features and Symbols

7 Monkeys Slot, developed by Pragmatic Play, is a vibrant and engaging online slot game that has captivated players with its unique theme and exciting features. Here's a detailed look at the game's features and symbols:


Special Features

Gameplay Experience

Vibrant and unique in its theme, the design of 7 monkeys slot game is one that stands out because it has a lot of players who play this game. The bonus-win multipliers, stacked symbols and free spins are some of those things that make it so engaging for the users. All these features sum up to create an entertaining as well as potentially profitable experience for gamblers.

7 Monkeys Slot Free Play

7 Monkeys Slot developed by Pragmatic Play is a vibrant and engaging game that can be played by Australian players for free in a demo mode. This mode allows players to get the full experience of the game without having to download or register anything. So it’s perfect for people who want to try and play the game without any financial commitment.

Different online platforms like Casino.Guru, Pragmatic Play official website, Slots Temple, and Vegas Slots Online all offer 7 Monkeys Slot in their demo modes. These sites will allow players to get familiar with the game's mechanics, symbols, and bonus features without any risk involved. The demo version is an exact replica of the real money game so you will still get a genuine feel of what it’s like playing with money.

7 Monkeys Slot Free Spins

7 Monkeys Slot’s free spins feature is definitely one of its top highlights that has gotten many Aussies interested in it. By learning how to trigger them and how best to use them, players can improve their chances at walking away with some nice prizes while enjoying themselves along the way. This bonus is triggered by landing three or more banana scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The number of spins awarded depends on the number of scatters:

These numbers are quite generous compared to other slot games and have been a major draw for Aussie players. During the round, all wins come with a 3x multiplier.

It’s worth noting that before you enter the free spins bonus round, you’ll want to pay attention to your betting strategy. This is because the free spins are played at the triggering bet. You want to find a bet size that’s sustainable for your bankroll but can still lead to big wins during these rounds.

What Aussies Should Watch Out For

If you’re in Australia, you should know that free spins may be subject to different availability and terms depending on the online casino you’re playing at. Some might offer extra free spins as part of their welcome or loyalty bonuses, which can be used specifically on this game.

On the other hand, make sure you also understand gambling regulations in your jurisdiction. Although online slots like this one are generally legal and widely available, online gambling rules aren’t always consistent across countries. Always play at an online casino licensed in Australia with good reviews and reputation.

Betting Options and Payouts

7 Monkeys Slot, developed by Pragmatic Play, offers a unique and straightforward betting range that caters to both casual players and those who prefer higher stakes. The game features a total of 7 paylines, and the betting options are designed to be accessible and flexible. Players can start betting with as little as $0.07 per spin, making it an excellent choice for those with a smaller budget or for players who prefer to extend their gameplay over a longer period. On the higher end, the maximum bet can go up to $35 per spin, providing an opportunity for higher stakes and potentially larger wins. The simplicity in its payline structure makes it easy for players to understand their winning combinations and payouts.

RTP and Volatility of 7 Monkeys Slot

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 7 Monkeys Slot is a crucial aspect for players to consider. The RTP stands at 92.71%, which is slightly lower than the average for online slots. This RTP gives an indication of the potential return a player can expect over an extended period of play.

In terms of volatility, 7 Monkeys Slot is considered to have medium volatility. This means that players can expect a balanced mix of smaller frequent wins and the occasional larger payout. This level of volatility is suitable for a wide range of players, from those who enjoy the thrill of big wins to those who prefer a more consistent gaming experience.

7 Monkeys Slot is designed in such a way that it suits all players who have different preferences at the Australian audience due to its range of bets, RTP and volatility.

Strategies for Winning at 7 Monkeys Slot

Analysis of Paylines and Betting Strategies

Remember, while these strategies can enhance your playing experience, they do not guarantee a win, as slot games largely rely on luck. Always play responsibly and within your means.

7 Monkeys Slot Play for Real Money in Australia

Playing 7 Monkeys Slot for real money in Australia is easy. But did you know it’s also quite fun? And it can be played in a few ways. Here's how:

Play Responsibly

Gambling is all fun until someone loses their house! So make sure you follow these rules:

By following these steps and tips, Australian players can enjoy playing 7 Monkeys Slot for real money responsibly and safely.

7 Monkeys Slot on Mobile

A lot of online casino games are difficult to play on a phone. And that’s why Pragmatic Play makes it easy. The 7 Monkeys Slot game is built to be a mobile-first experience, allowing Australians to take their gaming on the go without any issues.

Why is this important? Well, a ton of Aussies stick to their phones. So if they can’t play their favorite games on it, they’ll just find something else.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look for something else. Because 7 Monkeys has got you covered:

Differences from the Desktop Version

Obviously playing on a 5-inch screen comes with some changes compared to sitting at your desk with dual monitors.

But in terms of functionality and gameplay, everything is exactly the same as the desktop version.

The main difference lies in how everything looks. The menu buttons are bigger and easier to tap given there’s no mouse involved. And finally, all of the information like bet sizes and paytables are easily accessible.

7 Monkeys Slot is a high-quality game that was made to match the performance of the desktop version. Take it with you anywhere and play whenever you want. With a mobile design like this, Aussies won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Where to Play 7 Monkeys Slot in Australia

List of reputable Australian online casinos offering 7 Monkeys Slot

One of the games that has captured the hearts of Australian online slot fans is 7 Monkeys Slot. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this vibrant and engaging game has become very popular in Australia. Below are some reputable online casinos in Australia where you can play it:

Bonuses and Promotions for Australian Players

Many of these platforms have bonuses and promotions specifically for Australian players. These offers can be anything from welcome bonuses, free spins or even no-deposit bonuses. Some also feature exclusive player offers. When you’re going through the terms and conditions of these offers, make sure to read them carefully so that you make the most out of them.

When gambling online, it’s important to know how to gamble responsibly and stay on top of your local jurisdiction's gambling laws and regulations.

Player Reviews and Ratings in Australia

The amount of attention the 7 Monkeys Slot game has been getting is incredible. A lot of Australian players are saying that it’s unique in every way possible. Many are praising the fact that you can get away with a really cheap bet per spin due to its 7 paylines structure. This feature alone makes it a very cost effective choice if you’re looking for a good gaming experience on a budget. Design and free spins have also gotten very positive feedback.

The way the game looks and sounds when spinning the reels feels nice to everyone, but what’s better is winning up to 150 free spins! This was noted by many as something that peaked their interest in this game. Leaving with some big money after hitting the free spins bonus is another thing players love.

Popularity in Australia

Even among all of the other amazing games in Australia, 7 Monkeys Slot stands out for two reasons. Simplicity and good free spin offers. The nature theme was also praised by players because it meshes well with everything else going on in the game.

In terms of player satisfaction and engagement, this slot machine seems to always be getting positive reviews no matter what we do. Simple gameplay with chances of huge rewards seem to be key factors in why this is a favorite among Australians.

Pragmatic Play’s 7 Monkeys Slot has built an amazing reputation among Australian online slot players. Everyone in that part of the world loves it for its user-friendly design, good theme, and access to lots of free spins. Casual or serious slot players will always have fun while playing this game in Australia.

Expert Reviews and Critiques

7 Monkeys Slot has stolen the hearts of many reviewers. Especially for its unique theme and gameplay. The game is full of vibrant monkey symbols that give off a nice jungle vibe too. It’s 5 reel, 7 payline feature also makes it incredibly simple to play.

The game has been praised by several Australian reviewers as well. They particularly liked how well it matches the preferences of local players. With bets starting as low as $0.07, no one has been left out of the fun. On top of that, its RTP (Return to Player) rate of 92.71% is fair according to some experts.



The Australian market seems quite pleased with what Pragmatic Play has offered them here in terms of visual experience and simplicity in gameplay. There are some downsides such as RTP and game complexity, but it’s a safe bet for anyone looking to play a nice and easy slot game.

Updates and Version Changes

Since its launch, the 7 Monkeys Slot game by Pragmatic Play has been updated several times to ensure an enhanced gaming experience for Australian players. These updates include improved performance, new features, and compatibility with modern mobile devices. Some of the key changes are:

Impact of These Changes in the Australian Context

The updates to 7 Monkeys Slot had a positive impact on its popularity and reception in Australia:

This ongoing effort by Pragmatic Play shows how committed they are at providing a high-quality gaming experience that meets the specific needs and preferences of Australian online gamers.

Comparison to Other Popular Australian Slots

Pragmatic Play’s 7 Monkeys Slot stands out in the online slot market in Australia for several reasons. Compared to other popular slots from Pragmatic Play such as Wolf Gold and The Dog House, 7 Monkeys offers a unique blend of simplicity and engagement. Unlike other slots with more complex themes and narratives, the game draws players in with its simple yet vibrant jungle theme. It’s visually appealing and uses bright colors with animated monkeys instead of intricate designs.

The gameplay of 7 Monkeys is also completely different from their other popular slots. While most Pragmatic Play slots have various paylines and complicated bonus features, 7 Monkeys sticks with just 7 fixed paylines. This makes it perfect for both new players or seasoned players looking for a more relaxed experience.

Unique Features of 7 Monkeys

One of the standout features of 7 Monkeys is its generous Free Spins bonus. Up to 150 free spins can be won in the game, making it appealing to any player that wants to play for an extended period without extra bets. Additionally, the game has an RTP (Return to Player) at a medium volatility. This means that you’ll be getting frequent small wins but it still has potential for large payouts.

Unlike many other popular games by Pragmatic Play that have multiple bonus features and mini-games incorporated into them, 7 Monkeys really focuses on keeping things streamlined and simple which doesn’t take away any fun from the game; Instead it enhances its accessibility.

While 7 Monkeys may not have complex storylines or a wide variety of features like some other Pragmatic Play slots, its charming theme, generous free spins, and user-friendly design makes it ideal in the Australian online slot market.

Final thoughts

7 Monkeys Slot is different from most games because it’s simple, and has a colorful theme with a vibrant design. The monkeys and jungle backdrop make for beautiful symbols that can keep players who love an immersive experience engaged. For beginners that are just starting to dip their toes into the online slots world or experts in Australia, this game is a perfect match given its straightforward mechanics.

And due to recent times where mobile gaming has become very popular, the creators made sure that players don’t have to stay home to play. Instead, they optimized the game so that people can play it on-the-go with mobile devices. Furthermore, there are options where you can play for free as well as real money in various Australian online casinos.

If you’re looking for an entertaining slot experience that could potentially reward you with some money along the way, 7 Monkeys Slot is definitely worth a try if you’re in Australia. But one thing to always keep in mind when playing for real money is responsible gaming habits.


Land three or more banana scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and you will activate the free spins feature! The number of free spins you get depends on how many scatters you land.

The RTP of this slot game sits at around 92.71%. This is slightly lower than average but still offers an enjoyable experience.

The max win amount varies from game to game. When you land high-value symbols or during bonus rounds, the max win potential is usually higher.

Some online casinos might offer a no deposit option for this game. Keep in mind that these offers usually come with some terms and conditions.

Yes, there are! If you enjoy this slot, then you’ll probably also like other Pragmatic Play games or slots with the same style. Gonzo’s Quest and Jungle Spirit by NetEnt are two other popular games among Australian players.

For support and additional resources, Australian players should check the help sections of their specific casino or visit gambling support websites meant for players in Australia.