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A Full Online Casino Volatility Guide

If you want to dive deep into the gambling industry, you need to be aware of some crucial terms. Not only a player is supposed to understand what they mean but also how to use them during the gaming process. In today’s lesson, we are going to introduce the term Volatility. Experienced players will get a chance to refresh their knowledge while beginners may benefit from practical tips to use in real-life gaming.

The term Volatility means how many ties you will hit the prize per a single gambling session. For example, if you play online slots, volatility means the number of wins per as many spins as you make until you leave the slot.

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As all of you already know, slot machines are different by type, genre, and gaming structure. Software providers implement various gaming algorithms and technologies that actually define the volatility level. For instance, slot games with progressive jackpots come with high volatility. You may fail to get a prize for a long time but hit the bull’s eye once in a blue moon. The key to success is to pick the slot with the level that meets your gaming style either you are a high roller or tight gambler.

We have already discussed all volatility levels in our previous lessons. We also mentioned that RTP (return to player percentage) is another key factor to evaluate game volatility. The rate defines the level of payout or winning chances.

In today’s guide we will discuss the following issues:

  1. Ways to detect volatility games.
  2. Volatility Pros and Cons.
  3. Volatility Game Examples.
  4. Strategies to use volatility.
  5. Blackjack volatility tips.

Make sure you read the article and understand all good and bad sides of considering volatility as the factor to beat the game. Your choice will eventually define the future gambling progress and winning chances. The key to success here is to detect the right game.

Part 1 – Ways to Detect Volatility Games

The gambling industry evolves. It has already gone online making it possible to access Aussie online casinos on the go. The game becomes more advanced featuring new functions, better graphics, and gaming algorithms. To be honest, modern software providers made it simpler for modern players to win.

Different slot machines offer form 95% to 97% of the payout. All you need is to find the slot machine with the volatility level you need. The times of brick-to-mortar emulators are gone. Modern games come as the software was written and designed by coders, developers, programmers, etc. The program comes with a random algorithm and ensures wins at a particular point. The rapidness of that point to occur defines the volatility level.

To detect the right game for you, you may use already available stats and records that refer to popular slots. Another way is to test each game under real-life conditions with a small bankroll not to lose all the money. Free gaming mode might also be helpful. At least, you will see how often the game provides bigger or smaller wins. Make a list of slots tested, write down the results, compare and contrast different games, and finally pick the one that meets your preferences.

Some online casinos in Australia put players at ease. They publish the overall payout rate combining all the available games. Of course, the rate is not precise. However, it will still make it clear what gaming strategy to implement.

Part 2 – Volatility Edges

Most gamblers and casinos consider mainly high and low volatility. We have already told you about how they work. The level defines the risk that comes with a particular slot machine. For example, games with low volatility reserve fewer chances to win smaller prizes although you may still hit the jackpot. Vice versa. Games that feature high volatility are easier to play with a lower risk of losing cash. The bad news here is that you should not count on huge cash prizes as well.

You need to evaluate the risks as well as your budget opportunities. While high rollers with huge bankrolls prefer hunting down big prizes playing games with low volatility, tighter players opt for the second option. As the industry itself evolves, the games also come with more advanced algorithms. The evolution resulted in slot machines with so-called medium volatility. It combines the two sides making the gambling process snot as risky as with low volatility games in addition to some good chances to get the jackpot.

The choice should mainly depend on your particular gaming strategy. If you are not ready to lose all your credits at once, you’d better stick to less risky games. Let’s have a look at some popular examples.

Part 3 – Volatility Game Examples

With so many different slots available online, some games have become legendary. They are popular for their huge payouts, progressive jackpots, great winning chances, so on. As a rule, they are available on the majority of Australian online casinos and websites. Here are some examples:

  • Gonzo’s Quest – an iconic online slot that has brought up several generations of gamblers. It made its name for a high volatility gaming process. It means that you may get fast cash prizes although not as big as in riskier games. The slot machine comes with a typical genre that refers to Eldorado and gold rush. It features high-quality 3D graphics and animation. The main character moves when actions take place on the screen. The gaming structure differs from traditional slots. Here you gave symbols falling from above. Once they have formed a winning combo, they explode letting other symbols take their places in the pay line. In other words, you do not have to spin and spend credits.
  • Piggy Rich – a popular slot machine that might be a good option for tight players, as it also comes with a high volatility gaming algorithm. Additional features include multiplayer to increase your cash prize, Scatter and Wild symbols to trigger special bonuses, free spins, and other features.

We recommend checking the paytable when you choose a slot to play. It usually depicts special symbols, bonus combinations, and special features that will let you define the average volatility rate. Games with progressive jackpots usually offer low volatility. Slots with lover cash prizes offer smaller but more rapid wins.

Part 4 – Strategies to Use Volatility

Once you have chosen a slot to play, you need to consider gaming strategies that apply to a particular volatility type. This is where wagering tactics matter. A player is supposed to have a clear vision of what betting tactics to implement depending on the slot type.

High Volatility Strategy

If you are not ready to play with a huge bankroll right at once, you need to stick to a tighter strategy. It means minimum bets at a longer gaming session. The key idea is to bet smaller amounts but more times in a row. Moreover, some casino games come with multi-bet features. You need to be patient. Do not rush for huge prizes at higher bets. It will make no sense. If such a strategy does not meet your gaming style, you need to select slots with low volatility.

Low Volatility Strategy

It comes with many risks, as you are supposed to make the maximum bet in order to hit the jackpot. At the same time, you will need more cash from a suitable bankroll and have enough money to play several sessions. Do not opt for that strategy if you are not able to cover the expenses.

Part 5 – Blackjack Volatility Tips

Slots are not the only option to use volatility when gambling. It may be applied o some traditional casino games such as Blackjack. The idea here is a bit different. You need to reduce the house edge (the advantage that a casino has from the start) by doubling the bets down, handling them to the dealer, etc. However, it will be possible only with specific Blackjack versions. Make sure you read our Blackjack guide to understand the rules and different game types.