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A Guide to Use Slot Machine Variance

It does not matter if a person is involved in math or not. We use it all the time in our everyday lives without even understanding it. The gambling industry is not an exception. Every time you play Black Jack or try to hunt down another progressive jackpot when playing slot machines, you actually do the math.

Despite the fact you might be unaware of some specific terms such as volatility, RTP (return to player percentage) or variance, you may still use every time you enter the online casino in Australia. They help players to predict the odds and increase their chances for a big win. Of course, doing math does not guarantee 100% success. On the other hand, it will certainly provide a slight handicap if compared to other gamblers who underestimate the role variance formulas. The key to success is not just to understand those terms but also to realize how to implement them under real-gaming conditions.

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At the same time, players should also take into account a percentage an Aussie online casino expects to get from its visitors. Also known as the house edge, it lets you understand whether you may have any like at a particular website in the long run or not.

In this lesson, we are going to discuss the following topics:

  1. What is the slot machine variance?
  2. Online Slots with High Variance.
  3. Slot Machines with Medium Variance.
  4. High Variance Casino Slot Games.
  5. Conclusion.

While online slots are yet the most popular casino games, you are very likely to try your luck playing slot machines, as they deliver maximum RTP percentage. In other words, players have higher chances to get a payout. Some software providers develop their games featuring up to 97%-98% of RTP. A good idea to start a gambling career for newbies.

Part 1 – Introduction into Slot Machine Variance

Would you really be able to feel the gambling thrill if you knew exactly how much you could get before actually playing the slot? Probably, not. The anticipation and hidden chances to win the big prize are the most exciting part of gambling.

In other words, the riskier the game, the more excitement it delivers. On the other hand, we would be glad to have real chances to hit jackpot or at least smaller wins. Every $5 you get after the next spin also means that someone has lost $5 before you. At the same time, the casino also charges its own fees in order to make money, as it is hardly a charitable organization. For example, it charges $0.30 on every dollar won.

Each of the above-mentioned factors is vital whenever you want to calculate the odds and understand the slot machine variance. So, what are the winning strategies here?

Tips to Use Slot Machine Variance

The strategy will depend on the slot you choose. If it offers a higher RTP percentage if compared to other games, playing at high rates form the start might be a good idea. Of course, it does not mean you should use max bets right at once. Try medium bets to evaluate the payout chances. Consider your gaming process as a research and analysis of a particular slot under real gaming conditions. In the end, you will realize what level of variance a slot delivers.

Speaking about the variance levers. They include high, low, and medium level. Let’s have a closer look at each o them to understand how they work.

Part 2 – Online Slots with High Variance

For high-rollers and players looking for a big win right at once, slot machines with high variance are the best bet. The idea is to find a game with high variance using the strategy mentioned above and opt for maximum bets. You need to have patience if you decide to opt for such a casino game, as it makes time for the first win to arrive.

Moreover, you need to make sure you have enough bankroll, as high variance means huge returns only in case of max bets. As a result, we may say that such a strategy will hardly work out with novice players unless you have an unlimited budget.

The key benefits o high relevance slot machines are as follows:

  • Exclusive Bonus Opportunities.
  • Free Spins and Sticky Symbols.
  • Progressive Jackpots.

They have everything you need to it big cash. A bit of luck and much patience are obligatory. Prepare to wait until the first win occurs. You might not see the return during the entire gaming session and get the jackpot with your last spin.

Another benefit of playing high variance slot machines is the fact they deliver a pure atmosphere of the gambling process. They are extremely exciting and engaging. They deliver tons of fun during the gaming process. You never know when the next spin will bring you luck. This is what makes these games so popular with both gambling veterans and rookies eager to get involved in the gaming process.

Part 3 – Slot Machines with Medium Variance

It is probably the ultimate blend of high and low variance for people who prefer steady wins coming on a regular basis though with a chance to unexpectedly hit the jackpot. The key benefit here is that medium variance slot games come with relatively high risks although players are still able to control the bankroll preventing themselves from losing all money after several spins.

Another advantage is that players may choose from various gaming modes:

  1. Playing with high payouts is actually the same as with high variance games. The strategy is good for high rollers with an unlimited bankroll.
  2. Playing with low payout will suit tighter players who do not want to lose all the bankroll right at once.

As a result, we have a blended gaming option that brings the same excitement as with high variance slots as well as a chance to play at lower bets.

Such games are more popular with novice players, as they deliver reasonable gaming process and betting strategies. On the other hand, they are not as easy to play as it may seem. You are still supposed to predict the best value in order to decide whether it is high time for a max bet or still need to stick to your reasonable strategy.

As for the gaming process, software providers and slot developers try to make them as exciting as possible. Such slots also come with a variety of exclusive bonuses, updates, and extra features to benefit from. In addition, they feature high-quality graphics just like other up-to-date emulators. You will certainly enjoy playing them despite the betting strategy.

The key medium variance slot benefits include:

  • Constant updates and modifications enabled by developers and software providers.
  • Different types of bonuses and risk games to increase your win.
  • Advanced gaming structure with more pay lines and symbols to get a winning combination.
  • Sticky Wilds, Scatters, and other symbols that trigger additional bonus stages, free spins, etc.

Medium variance can be met in different types of slots. For example, you may benefit from a blended gaming process when opting for classic emulators, advanced video slot machines featuring regular smaller wins or random big cash prizes. In some way, it may appear to be even more exciting if compared to high variance games.

Part 4 – High Variance Online Slot Games

The variance level is not just a matter of luck. It depends on son the game type as well as the software provider. Developers create games with different payouts and RTP percentages to provide their customers with a range to choose from either you are a professional high roller or newbie.

Slots with low variance will work out for novice players making their first steps n the gambling arena. First of all, they come with rapid smaller win returns making you feel confident about the bankroll. On the other hand, you should not expect much excitement in terms of enormous cash prizes and unexpected bonuses.

Everything here looks pretty mundane though with some gambling thrill. A great option for people who want to get involved in the gambling process but do not want to lose. The key feature here is the fact that you play at low bets with more chances to get a small win. The prizes return much faster if compared to high and medium variance.

Secret tip: learn the payable in detail before you start playing a particular slot. As a rule, it includes vital info that will let you understand what level of variance it delivers.


Despite the fact, a variance is a math formula, you are not supposed to have special skills to figure out how it works in terms of sot machines. All you need is to define, which gaming type suits your particular preference. Would you like to make the most of your bankroll and it big cash? Are you looking for a real thrill of gambling or you want to stay come and play with minimum risk to lose cash? Define the type of player you, evaluate the risks, and keep in mind baseline gaming tactics.