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Online Slot Playing Guide

Slot machines have been the #1 choice for millions of gamblers over the decades. Introduced back in 90s, these games have evolved turning into advanced gambling options with high-quality gaming processes, overwhelming visuals, sound effects, and bonus opportunities. The biggest game developers make their best to deliver a diverse selection of slots out of the box that refers to various genres with special features to stand out from competitors.

At the same time, casinos offer extra ways of winning cash prizes or benefit from free spins and other rewards depending on the bonus policy. While most of those games are available for free, players get a unique chance to pick up some skills and learn essential rules without actually losing real money. It might be fun for some time. Anyway, you would like to try your luck and make several bets with real cash, especially when it comes to slot machines with high payouts.

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Newbies should clearly understand that winning chances do not depend on tactics or strategies. It is all about luck. You are unable to beat the game in any way. On the other hand, you may benefit from some proven ways of increasing your chances and predicting the odds. Unlike roulette or Blackjack, slot machines are mainly programs and algorithms that can be influenced or at least foreseen in some way.

Have a look at some tips below that may come in handy. But first, we need to figure out how slots actually work.

Casino Slot Machines Gaming Structure

The game is focused around reels, pay lines, and symbols. We have already reviewed some of the slot machine types in our previous lessons. You have found out the difference between 3 and 5-reel slots. We have also introduced some of the biggest software providers and game developers. But the gaming structure itself is the same despite the machine type.

As we have mentioned before, it is mainly a program with the implemented algorithm. A developer programs each symbol to appear at a specific time. Some symbols are programmed to appear more often. They mainly include low-value images that do not trigger special rounds or cash prizes. Some symbols are programmed to appear more seldom. They are Wild and Scatter symbols as well as high-value images that actually form a winning combo on the pay line.

The key idea here is to make you understand that you will never be able to influence the result. All you can do is adopt to the gaming algorithm and try to catch your luck depending on the special symbol frequency.

Slot Machine Probability

The given issue results from the previous one. As we have already discussed, there is no way to beat a slot machine. There are no legal or illegal ways to increase the odds as well as your winning chances only if you are able to re-program the slot, which is impossible. Slot machine probability is already integrated with the game you choose.

All you can do is to slightly improve your winning chances. To do so, you’d better opt for slot machines with more reels and symbols on it. The more symbols and active pay lines you have, the higher your chances. We recommend to avid old-fashioned 3-reel emulators that have proved to be of no luck for millions of players. Select from the list of more advanced and up-to-date slot machines. At least, they are more interesting o play considering high-res graphics and interesting gaming process.

Fixed Jackpots Rule

As you already know from our previous guides, slot machines come with several types of jackpots. Some gamblers are aimed at hunting down progressive jackpots that become bigger every second. Well, that is hardly a good idea for beginners. Big floating cash prizes are mainly available in games with low volatility. It means low chances to win at least a couple of bucks. The payout percentage is very low as well.

Opting for slot machines with fixed jackpots and cash-outs sounds like a better idea. At least, the level of volatility is much higher. It means that you may still cunt on smaller wins during the gaming session.

The Smaller Jackpots the Better

Have you ever thought of why progressive jackpots are so huge? This is because they generate money from players who lost in an attempt to hit the big prize. The bigger the jackpot is, the more players failed to hit it. Would you like to be another loser on the list? Probably, not. Do not rush for enormous cash wins. Try to make the gaming process not just profitable but also exciting and entertaining. Even small rapid wins will bring you the rush of adrenalin and the real thrill of the gambling process.

Slot machines with smaller prizes are often easier to play. Hey offer high volatility and let you make the most of the gaming process even with small bankrolls. In addition, here you may implement some of the budget management tricks we have discussed earlier.

Stay Away from Video Reels

Software providers develop new video slots featuring amazing graphics and new options. They introduce new gaming structure where symbols fall down from above and explode when forming a new winning combo. Up-to-date slot machines come with amazing interface. They refer to multiple genres and offer a sense of entertainment even when playing for free.

The bad news here is that video slots are known for their low payout percentage. They are very unlikely to give some cashback. The bad news is that there are no official stats to prove that statement. Moreover, more and more players stick to video reels making it hard to compare with classic emulators. And RNG. You should trust us. They are good mainly when laying for free. Such games are colorful and very entertaining. Moreover, they might be a good option to gain necessary gaming experience before making your first real deposit. No matter what you do, always play responsibly.

Stick to Responsible Gaming

Whatever you do, always keep in mind that you will never be able to affect slot machines in any way. Your win will mainly rely on luck. A bit of responsible gaming may also come in handy. Take control over your bet sizes and manage the bankroll despite the volatility level. Going overboard is a bad idea as well as chasing the loss. If you are unable to hit even small win, leave the slot and try another one. The main idea about slot machines is tons of fun and entertainment even when you play for free.