Ethan Sladen

An Ultimate Roulette Playing Guide

With so many casino games, roulette is probably one of the iconic ones. It appears to be immortal gambling classics in online casinos in Australia and all over the globe. Although it is one of the oldest gaming options, it still has millions of devoted fans who prefer roulette to other gaming options both in live and online casinos.

The game itself made its debut back in the 18th century. “Roulette” is a French word that means “a little wheel”. It made its way to Europe in 1843 in two different versions that are popular even in the present days. They include a French and American roulette. They differ from each other and require different gaming tactics as well.

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In this lesson, we will review popular roulette types, gaming strategies, useful gambling tips, and other vital info that may come in handy. The topics to discuss are as follows:

  1. Tips to start playing roulette.
  2. Roulette gaming rules.
  3. Roulette gambling strategies.
  4. Roulette types and versions.
  5. Roulette Glossary.
  6. Casino roulette FAQ.

Let’s roll!

Part 1 – Tips to Start Playing Roulette

The great thing about roulette is the fact it is extremely easy to play. Newbies and beginners will never find it difficult to start the gaining process, while the rules are pretty easy to figure out. All you need is to clarify how the numbers and odds are arranged.

The game is concentrated around the wheel with numbers. Depending on the game type (we will discuss them a bit later), the numbers go from 0 to 36 in the European version and from 00 to 36 in the American version. A dealer or croupier is in charge of the game. He or she accepts bets and spins the wheel with the white ball rolling inside. When the wheel stops, the ball land on a specific number defining the winner.

To make a bet, players can use a table with all the numbers arranged in a specific way. Make sure you understand the system before you may a bet. Numbers from 1 to 36 are divided into three different groups:

  • 1st 12.
  • 2nd 12.
  • 3rd 12.

The same numbers create a separate group making it possible for players to bet in even or odd numbers as well as red or black ones. Zero is a standalone number that is not included in any of the available groups.

Players have several betting options. They include Inside and Outside bets depending on the number a ball will lend. You may either bet on a single number for maximum pay ration as well as benefit from a split bet (two numbers). American roulette version also offers a 5-number bet to increase winning chances. However, pay ration will be lower. If you choose odd or even numbers as well as black or red betting, the odds are 1:1.

Let’s sum up this part:

  1. Roulette is a wheel with 37 numbers (from 0 to 36).
  2. A croupier spins the wheel with the white ball inside to make it land on a specific number.
  3. All bets are made on a separate table with all numbers divided into groups.
  4. The odds depend on the bet type.

Now, when we have learned some basic roulette info, it is high time we found out more about its gaming rules.

Part 2 – Roulette Gaming Rules

As we have stated before, the game has several variations depending on its type. At the same time, gaming rules may also differ depending on the Aussie casino you opt for. Despite the fact the betting process itself is not very complicated, you still need to consider several crucial issues.

First of all, numbers from 1 to 35 are colored red and black while Zero is generally green. The first and foremost rule you need to remember refers to min and max bets. Players will generally see the bet level on the table. As a rule, a croupier handles all the best unless the casino lets players make a bet themselves.

Pay attention to wagering rules. Some casinos take 50% of players’ wagering in case the ball lands on zero. The rule is also known as En Prison. Another rule to take into account is called La Partage. It is also triggered when the ball lands on zero. All bets are divided between players who bet on even numbers. In other words, you have a chance to return at least 50% from the initial bet.

Understanding the rules will make it easier to choose a particular winning strategy and increase your chances to get cash.

Roulette Playing

Part 3 – Roulette Gambling Strategy

It is pretty hard to sort out a particular twinning strategy especially when it comes to roulette. As there is no magic formula, you only need to rely on luck. At the same time, some approaches might reduce the risk of losing money right at once.

First of all, you need to be clearly aware of the rules whether established by the online casino or by the particular roulette type. Your choice will determine the pay ration, as it can be different. While some websites offer a free gaming mode, playing roulette for free might be a good idea to get started and pick up some skills. You may try both American and European versions to figure out, which one suits you the most. The key benefit here is that you do not risk real cash.

The second popular strategy is to define the bet amount. Do not bet more than you may afford. This one actually applies to all casino games. However, here the odds are extremely hard to predict. So, you’d better set the sum you may spend aside and stick to it. Here is an example, you have $200 to spend while the table gives you back $300. Save $100 and go back to the initial $200 to bet.

Part 4 – Roulette Types and Versions

The game is currently available in three major modifications. They include:

  • The American Roulette – it comes in two versions with a single and double zero. As a result, the wheel itself has 38 different slots with numbers for the ball to land.
  • The European Roulette – apart from the previous version, this one has 37 slots with numbers from 1 to 36 plus zero.
  • The French Roulette – it is actually the same as the European version with the same number of slots. The only difference is that the betting table is arranged in a bit different way in rows, not columns as in the previous roulette type.

While the gambling industry is developing, online casinos in Australia have their web roulette versions to play remotely or on the go. They generally have the same rules while some websites even offer live dealer options. Once again, make sure you have learned the rules well before you start playing. Some specific terms may come in handy.

Part 5 – Roulette Glossary

In our roulette glossary, you will find some handy terms and specific words that will make the gaming process a bit easier:

  • A Croupier – a dealer who spins the wheel and throws the white ball inside.
  • Parlay – a situation when a player increases a bet of r the new spin.
  • House Edge – the money casino makes from the gambling process.
  • Biased Numbers – numbers that continue rapidly on a biased wheel.

Still, have questions? Go to our FAQ sections and find additional info there.

Part 6 – casino Roulette FAQ

Online casino games come with multiple advantages. They ensure seamless and hassle-free access to the casino and its game selection. Moreover, you may start playing roulette for free without depositing cash. It will let you pick up some skills and essential knowledge to work out your own gaming strategy. The last but not least, you may switch between different websites with a click with no need to stick to a single one.

As you know, there are several roulette modifications depending on the number of slots and numbers. The American version comes with more slots featuring a doubled zero. Moreover, it actually has two zeros, which reduces the pay ratio. To make the things simpler, let’s say you win a 1 bet on a wheel with 37 numbers. You get a 36-win while the casino takes 1.

Roulette is mainly about luck and randoms winning opportunities. There is no winning strategy to implement. All you can do is to stick to the budget you may afford loosing and make the most of the rules and several betting types provided by a particular gaming version.