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An Ultimate Aussie Online Casino Jackpot Guide

With so many different casino games, choosing the best one might be a challenge. Delivered by numerous software providers and companies, they come with different feature sets, bonus options, and jackpots. Some games combine all best feature sin one while others have a specific set of options depending on the functionality.

The main purpose of gambling is winning the prize, of course. Getting a jackpot is a desire for every player who enters an online casino in Australia. It is not just about spinning the reels for hours. It is about the thrill and anticipation followed by a huge win.

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Either you play for fun or want to make cash, jackpots appear to be a crucial aspect when choosing a game to play. The selection is very huge. From traditional card and casino games to advanced slot machines with exceptional visual and sound effects – players now have a chance to pick a game that meets their preferences.

While jackpot might be your primary goal, we need to clarify how they actually work. In this tutorial, we will discuss the following issues:

  1. Introduction to progressive jackpots.
  2. What are the main progressive jackpot types?
  3. Winning strategies.
  4. Payout policies.
  5. Winning odds.

Ready to get started? The here we go.

Part 1 – Introduction to Progressive Jackpots

When we say “progressive” in reference to jackpots, we mean a pull of cash that constantly grows every time a user places a bet when playing a particular game. The sum keeps growing until someone hits the bull’s eye.

The main thrill about progressive jackpots is that they can be won unexpectedly for the player. In other words, you never know if you gonna get the prize after the next spin or not. This is what makes such games extremely popular with both bonus hunters and casual gamblers eager to try their luck.

Another feature that makes such games so special is that the prize sum is not fixed. It goes up every second. Moreover, some casinos place special counters to highlight the size of their jackpots and attract more gamblers to play.

The more people try their luck, the higher the prize sum you may hit. With such bonus types, any cash prize is possible from several thousand up to millions of dollars at a spin. Once you have taken the jackpot, the pull turns empty and starts growing again.

Part 2 – Progressive Jackpot Types

Despite a pretty clear structure and the idea of progressive jackpots, they can be of several types. Online casinos offer two main categories. They include:

  • A machine progressive jackpot – a standalone prize that is generated through a single slot machine or game. For example, you love playing Bananas go Bahamas emulator that features a progressive jackpot. The sum goes up only after players make a bet when playing this particular game.
  • A linked progressive jackpot – prize money that is generated from several machines or groups of casino games. The pool of slots may include emulators of the same category and type. It may be even the same slot available in several casinos.

Despite the prize type, all money goes to a single player who was lucky enough to hit the whole nine yards.

Part 3 – Winning Strategies

Winning a progressive jackpot is more about luck. You should not expect a magic formula to win in each and every game. However, some strategies and tactics might increase your chances. One is not supposed to be a gambling expert to follow out useful tips that may still appear to be very helpful especially for newbies.

When it comes to progressive jackpots, the one ad only strategy might work out. It is all about calculations. The idea is to predict the break-even point after some research. As most casinos showcase the jackpot growth, you may track the price movement. Another way is to play yourself with small bets not to lose all your credits right at once. Even if you do not hit the big prize, you will still be able to generate some profit.

stay aware of games that offer various international currencies to bet. Stick to a single currency not to loose in the exchange difference. If you still want to play a chose game, stick to AUD or USD. Moreover, progressive jackpots are not for high rollers. Having a small stack with minimum bets is enough to define the break-even point.

Part 4 – Payout Policies

You might be wondering who actually pays those huge cash prizes. Of course, if you win, you probably do not care who those secret wizards are. But when it comes to withdrawing cash, the question arises more crucially.

Winning a progressive jackpot with millions of dollars appears to be only 50% of success. The next stage is to withdraw all that cash to your balance and then banking account. If you opt for traditional live casinos, there will be no problem in getting your money right here and right now. The situation with online casinos in Australia might be tricky, as they establish their specific payout and billing policies.

Here is an example: you win 1 000 000 AUD and want to have them in your wallet. On the other hand, an online casino has terms of use that say a player can withdraw not more that 5,000 AUD per week. A simple calculation shows that it may take years to pull the prize out of the gambling website, which will hardly make you feel pleased.

The solution is pretty simple. We recommend checking all the terms and billing policies beforehand. Learn all the information available to be sure you will be able to withdraw cash fast and safe with no extra manipulations. Never miss the withdrawing limits section and check the average amount of cash you may get per one transaction. Payment gateways also play their role in the process considering different commissions. Pick the one with minimum charges and fees to make the most of your win.

Online casinos will try to find different reasons to refuse form paying out a progressive jackpot. The only way to prevent that is to follow all the statements specified in their terms and policies. Another way to protect yourself from unfair withdrawing is to opt for licensed Aussie online casinos with flawless online reputation, positive reviews, and years of stable presence in the Australian online gambling arena.

Part 5 – Winning Odds

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding that every game comes with different winning odds. If you play a slot with a progressive jackpot, you will have different chances if compared to Video Poker, for instance.

On the other hand, the key principle here is the following: every time the cash prize goes higher, the winning odds also increase. The bad news is that we do not know when it is going to reach the top. So, it is all about trials and errors. Nevertheless, you still have chances to win other bonuses and cash prizes during the gaming process.

Essential Jackpot Guides and Tutorials on Ausslots.com

Here at ausslots.com, you will find tons of useful info that covers different jackpot issues. Either you are a bonus hunter and high roller or simply want to make the gaming process a bit more thrilling and exciting, find all handy information about available casino jackpots in our huge knowledgebase.

You will learn how to define various jackpot types as well as implement winning strategies. We will show some of the most popular casinos game that features progressive slots. Describe their gaming structure, payouts, and more. Stay tuned and be the first to learn more about how to win huge prizes at Aussie online casinos.


To sum up, winning progressive jackpots is certainly a challenge. However, you may increase your chances with several simple steps. First of all, define the jackpot type you want to hunt down. Secondly, pick the game with the highest cash pool, which means more winning odds. Last but not least, start playing with small bets. Try to predict the break-even point, track the history of previous wins and top cash prize levels.

Oh, and read our how-to guides that will make the gambling process easier and more exciting! Good luck and see you soon!