Kaitlyn Eden

A Full Casino Bonus Guide

Online casinos use different tricks to attract new players. Bonuses are the dominating force in driving more attention to the gambling website. On the one hand, casinos can grow their target audience and make new players deposit real cash. On the other hand, gamblers have a chance to get extra hundreds to their balance at zero cost.

Not only newbies may take advantage of different bonuses. Sites offer special loyalty programs and wards to returning visitors as well. Moreover, players who have not played for a long time may get extra cash on their new deposit or renewal. High rollers and regular gamblers may count on their piece of a pie in the face of various bonus types as well.

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In today’s guide, we will review some of the most popular bonuses. We are going to describe their features, and ways to get them depending on your gaming status.

In this article, you will find out everything about:

  1. Sign in or Welcome Bonus.
  2. No-Deposit Bonus.
  3. Deposit Matching Bonus.
  4. Percentage Deposit Bonus.
  5. Reload Bonus.
  6. Bonus for High Rollers.

Let’s get it on.

Part 1 – Sig in or Welcoming bonus

This bonus mainly refers to new players who have never registered in online casinos before. It is known under the “sign-in” or “welcome” bonus, which means it gives a warm welcome to every new visitor who is eager to play for real cash. The main idea here is not just to spoil potential visitors with extra credits but also to stand out from main competitors, as people are very likely to choose the website with the bigger welcoming bonus, especially from the start.

Some reputable online casinos offer not just extra credits to your balance, but also provide free spins to be used when playing specific slot machines. Sometimes the welcoming bonus may combine several features in one or deliver separate perks depending on the site.

the main downside here is that such bonuses usually come with wagering restrictions. For example, if you are lucky to hit the price using the bonus credits, some sites make it almost impossible to withdraw cash. Make sure you have learned wagering and bonus policies in advance not to be confused when it is high time you got your cash on your account.

Part 2 – No-Deposit Bonus

A great bonus type for those who prefer to reduce the risk of losing real money. The idea is very simple. Online casinos provide players with absolutely free bonus to use in some slot machines. You get real cash with a chance to gamble and withdraw prize with no limitations. It may work out for casino games you have not played for a long time as well as games you were unlucky in the long run.

No-deposit bonus stimulates already existing players to go back to the site and try their luck once again without real depositing. The key downside is that a few casinos deliver this bonus type out of the box. They are sometimes pretty hard to find. In addition, the bonus amount is generally small to use it in the long run.

Part 3 – Deposit Matching Bonus

This bonus type comes as a series of rewards available for both new and returning gamblers. The idea is pretty simple: you may get up to a 1000% match to a number of deposits you make in a row within a specific period. The structure is easy. Let’s say, an online casino offers matching bonuses on 4 deposits. It means that you may get 100% match on each of your deposits. After you fulfill your balance four times in a row getting $100 cash every time, you may eventually have over $800 for betting.

The requirements are different from one website to another. Moreover, to get the whole nine yards, you will need to complete the depositing session within a given timeframe. Such bonus types are implemented to make players a bit more active. T may also have some unique wagering requirements when it comes to withdrawing cash. So, stay alert.

Part 4 – Percentage Deposit Bonus

Some newbies think this bonus type is the same as the previous one. Well, it is not. The percentage deposit bonus can be paid only once under specific conditions. Unlike a matching bonus, the percentage here is pretty low. It hardly goes higher than 50% on your deposit.

The second problem here is that some casinos tend to hide this bonus type from gamblers. The info is hard to find. It sometimes arises in the FAQ section or other website info blocks. This fact makes it hard for players to claim their percentage deposit bonus and make the most of the reward program. The only way to get the extra cash you deserve is to be very attentive when reading the wagering terms and bonus-related section. Do not hesitate to ask customer support whether they provide such bonus types or not.

Part 5 – Reload Bonus

Another type of percentage bonus designed for already existing players. On the one hand, this bonus works out to bring a gambler back in case he or she has not visited the casino for a long time. On the other hand, it is a good chance for newbies to get extra cash in case they lost their first deposit right at once.

In other words, you are offered a percentage on the next deposit. It is mainly lower if compared to welcoming rewards. But the structure is the same. A good idea is to pick casinos with the highest reload bonus. Once again, if you have not found any information about this particular type, go to the contact section and keep in touch with the support team,

Part 6 – Bonus for High Rollers

This bonus type was designed for higher returns. It is used only for gamblers with huge bankrolls and frequent deposits. The idea is the same as with any other matching bonus. You deposit money and get the equivalent. The only difference here is that high rollers usually have thousands on their balance. Each new deposit of $1,000 will bring up to $1,000, which will also be a huge handicap when hunting big cash prizes and progressive jackpots.

The Bottom Line

Every casino bonus itself is actually the same reward that is equal to some part of the initial or next deposit. The structure is always the same. The only percentage may differ defining the final sum you get on your balance. Moreover, it is very important to understand the wagering policy. Are you limited by the bonus when choosing a game to play? Will you be able to withdraw all the money right at once? Are there hidden charges or fees? Those are the questions to be answered before you sign in to a chosen online casino.