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Are you about to enter the magic world of online casinos in Australia? Can’t wait to get involved for the real thrill of tremendous bonuses, risk games, and payouts? Hold your horses! Do not rush for the first slot machine you come across. Keep in mind that gambling requires a bit of a learning curve. Never underestimate the importance of diving deep into the theory.


Hopping into the world of gambling without decent feedback is a huge mistake. The niche comes with endless special terms, jargon, and other issues that may seem confusing especially for a novice player. You will find yourself in a tight corner without at least a baseline understanding of what a slot machine or reel is.


To put our readers at ease and make it simpler for them to start playing casino games, we have conducted another handy guide. It will appear to be your personal handbook and assistance. Use it every time you face difficulties or fail to understand what is going on on the play screen.


As usual, the guide will contain several crucial parts and lessons to learn. They are as follows:


  1.  1.Slot machine introduction and playing tips.
  2.  2.Black Jack – the card game king.
  3.  3.Roulette playing rules.
  4.  4.Poker types and versions.
  5.  5.Baccarat rules explanation.
  6.  6.Sports betting secrets.


The gambling industry is evolving all the time. It delivers new gaming options out of the box. On the one hand, having more offers to choose is good. On the other hand, newbies find it really hard to pick the right title when it comes to slot machines, card games or traditional casino options.


So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to take off!

Part 1 – Slot Machine Introduction and Playing Tips

While slots are the #1 choice for the majority of gamblers, we will start with them. The selection of slot games is overwhelming. However, software producers make it easier to choose the one you may like. All games are divided into categories letting you choose the one by:


  • Genre – is it going to be superhero slot or a game that depict popular cartoon or movie characters? Choose the one you like.
  • Technologies - do you prefer classic 3-reeled slots or look for up-to-date emulators with exceptional visual and sound effects?
  • Software Provider – opt for a slot developed by your preferable casino game producer depending on the web reputation.
  • Bonus – hunt for a progressive jackpot or benefit from sticky bonuses. Each game brings different capabilities in terms of winning chances.


Whatever slot machine you choose, always keep in eye on its payout rate. If it is low, you’d better opt for another one in case of playing for cash. The term is also known as RTP (return percentage to player). Trusted Australian casinos guarantee an RTP rate at not less than 97%. Look for websites that offer the highest percentage to minimize the risk of losing credits.

Part 2 - Black Jack – The Card Game King

Black Jack is one of the most popular card games found not only in Aussie casinos but also in the rest of the world. The game is played both live and online offering several options for players. We do hope you know its rules, so we could move one to some more important aspects.


So, Black Jack is available in several major modes:


  • Live Card Game – it is played in live casinos. You step in, pick a table, make a bet, and start playing physically.
  • Online Casino – as a rule, the feature is available with live dealers although you may still play online or even vie a mobile device.
  • Slot Machines – some slots offer digital Black Jack versions. The rules are the same with some slight differences.


To win in this game, you need to be an expert when it comes to forecasting and “reading” the odds. There are numerous strategies and tactics available online. We have conducted our own guide that contains all the crucial steps to win or just make the game a bit more fun.

Part 3 – Roulette Playing Rules

We all know about the game. But how many of you actually know the rules? Have you ever tried your luck with roulette? We doubt it. However, generations of gamblers have heard about this quintessential casino game that can be met both online or in live gambling establishments. By the way, did you know that roulette has originated from Monaco?


The food news is that practically all Australian online casinos have roulette in the list of free games. In other words, you may try it and learn the rules having real-life experience, which is better than reading dozens of guides. Nevertheless, a free mode will never teach some special skills that will let you win. We also want to do that, at least in this particular guide.


What we will do is describe fundamental playing rules and roulette types available in Aussie casinos today. So, the three major roulette types are:


  • American Roulette;
  • French Roulette;
  • European Roulette.


The core process is similar while side bets and betting levels are different. Gamblers are free to choose either to play live or online. Australian casino websites offer slot machines that emulate the roulette game. At the same time, you may also benefit from the live dealer feature, which is the same as Black Jack.

Part 4 – Poker Types and Options

You must have heard about this game even if you have never heard about online casinos. Poker is widely spread as a separate branch of card games. The key difference form Black Jack r roulette is the fact that your win depends on skills, tactics, and strategies rather than luck. For this reason, the Global Web is full tutorials, how-to guides, poker tips, and other info sources. Most of them are of no use until you taste the game yourself.


Of course, having strong feedback in advance will increase your chances. At least, you need to understand the difference between various Poker versions, rules, etc. Unfortunately, not all casinos have poker rooms available. On the other hand, you may find relevant alternatives in the face of video poker and other options.


Popular poker versions are as follows:


  • Texas Hold’em – the most popular card game variation. It can be met at all major tournaments and casinos. It is played with two pocket cards to form a winning combination with flop, turn, and river.
  • Omaha – an older although less popular version. The key difference here is that a player initially has 5 pocket cards. It results in a bit of different tactics, odds, and gaming strategies.
  • Video Poker – a digital alternative where you play with a slot machine rather than other players.


Players may choose from live or online poker rooms as well as opt for custom poker rooms provided by a chosen casino. Just make sure it a selected website has it.

Part 5 – Baccarat Rules Explained

Baccarat is one of the simplest casino games despite the fact it features probably a most unusual name. The success relies on the cards’ turn, while the process looks a bit similar to Black Jack. To win, you need to follow these steps:


  1.  1.Make a Bet.
  2.  2.Wait for a dealer turn 2 cards for you and 2 cards for himself.
  3.  3.Hit a the bet with totals closets to 9.


Although the rules sound pretty simple, Baccarat is a list of fun and thrill. You should obviously try it, as it does not require special skills or tactics. A great option for newbies.

Part 6 – Sports Betting

From football and tennis to rugby and cricket – sports betting is a good old gambling option that lets you combine your interests with a thrill of online casino. You watch your favorite team playing and win real cash. What can be better?


The key benefit of sports betting is that it delivers endless betting opportunities. It covers all available kinds of sports, which means every player will find his or her cup of tea. Being an expert in a particular kind of sport will increase your chances as well. Nothing difficult here.

The Bottom Line

Learning the game rules is vital. Avoid common mistakes novice players make and never underestimate the role of acknowledgment. If you realize what you are going to deal with, it will be easier to make your first steps to glory and wealth.


Luckily, our readers will never be left alone. Here we have an ultimate collection of guides and tutorials, that will turn you into a dedicated pro at short notice. Stay tuned, keep reading our articles, and starts your successful gambling career!